Inkyrius (Part 2)

"Ah, there you are Inkyrius, you've been a long time. Vaarsuvius and Celia have already left."

"Um… yes, sorry. I, er, got lost. The halls look the same."

"Yes, you're quite right. I'm sure you're more used to the woods around your home. Anyways, I'm sorry to say that your suing for divorce has been delayed."


"Yes, apparently Vaarsuvius's lawyer, Celia, has presented much information to nullify your suing. It will take some time for me to gather the appropriate information. But don't worry, it'll seem like no time at all with your elf years."

"But- this cannot-" Inkyrius races from the room. Had this been the plan of that red haired female from the start?! To keep her from interfering with the discussion?! There was only one way to find out! Inkyrius turned the corner where the group was last, to find… that they were no longer there. Inkyrius stands frozen to the spot. It couldn't be true. How could it?

"May I help you?" It was one of the guards.

"Quick! There was a group of adventures here, where have they gone?!"

"Oh, you just missed them." They were joined up by a purpled hair elf and an oversized sylph and they went through one of the portals to the western continent."

"What had transpired?! WHAT?!"

"Um… well… the group was arguing with the halfling. Apparently he had an affair or something with someone in a desert city. I was trying not to over hear, but you know, PC's always get overheard. Then the arguement shifted when he argued that why should he be criticized for what happened over a failed will save when the red haired human wasn't being criticized for planning on going off to trick and seduce another elf so that their elf can make a case without interfer- oh… uh…" He turns and quickly hurries away, leaving Inkyrius standing there in horror.

It had been a ploy, a trick. Everything about seducing Vaarsuvius was used to aid in the case instead! Inkyrius legs seemed to move on their own to the portal that returned home. With a pop, Inkyrius was standing where the remains of the home was. The kids were at the grandparents, so Inkyrius had nothing to hide the tears from. How could this happen?! What went wrong?! If only there was something that could right justice!

Just then, a portal opened and an envelope landed at Inkyrius's feet. Inkyrius bent down a picked it up. On the cover, it was addressed to yours truly, but the return address was:

9 Hells Plaza
Lower Planes 00999

What was this? IIRC? What the heck was that? Something that has to deal with fiends, obviously, since it came from the 9 hells. Wait, Vaarsuvius dealt with fiends, was this the same thing. Only one way to find out. Inkyrius's fingers peel back the seal and a powerful mutlicolored smoked billowed out. In it's place were 3 hooded figures.



No matter how many times we do this, my arms will still feel tired.

"W-Who are you?"

We're the Inter-Fiend cooperation Commision.

But rather then re-explain everything that everyone has already seen. Lets move on.

No point in running in circles, my dad always said. Especially when there are 8 more.

It has come to light that you are having problems with your mate at this time.

"Y-Yes. I have. But how do you know?"

Well, you see, your mate is a client of ours.

Who has yet to fulfill on the payment for which the power was given.

"So… You were the ones that corrupted my Suvie."

Not at all. Your "Suvie" chose this power on his own free will.

She? It?

Shut up. Basicly saying that while we provided the tools, Vaarsuvius used it on his own accord.

"So why are you here?"

To offer you the same deal that we gave your beloved mate."

Separating those who love each other is only half as cruel as allowing them to join in unholy metromony."

"Why would I want to consort with you? You did this to begin with."

But we weren't the ones who tricked you out of your divorce in a way that prescribbed you as commiting adultery.

"So… What is this deal?"

The deal is Soul Splices. The same Soul Splices that we gave your mate. You may do what you want with it, but you will have the same payment method as your mate.

Since you're going to Vaarsuvius anyways, you can ask what the payment is then.

So that we have it on record. If you accept, touch the blue orb. If not, the red orb.

"This will really allow me to get my revenge."

Oh absolutely, your will and desire for revenge will allow you to hold onto this power long enough to fulfill whatever you want to do. As of right now, your beloved mate has just separated from his companions over the issue that they still can't get used to the recent familiar.

Which I didn't know he had until recently. I mean, who knew?

So, the tools are provided and the opportunity has arrived. What will it be?

Inkyrius looks at the 2 orbs, contemplating on what had happened. Then Inkyrius knew. Raising a hand, Inkyrius pressed it the blue orb and was surronded by green arcane energy.

Emerging from it, arcane power was bursting forth. Inkyrius laughed at the power. No wonder Vaarsuvius was reluctant to part with it. This power was glorius. Inkyrius absoultly loved it! The voices of the damned that were shackled to Inkyrius rang in the elf's ear.

Looks like we get the other one.

Atleast this one's better looking.

Now let's make your mate pay.

"Yes! With this power, Vaarsuvius will be begging for mercy! Greater Teleport!"


Well that was easier then I expected.

Who knew we would be able to offer this many deals in so little time.

But this time, I'm not betting any soul pieces.

With a little *pop*. An imp appears.

I was watching on the HDTV and you guys still amaze me. You didn't even explain everything and that elf took the deal.

I'm glad that you're still learning from us.

And just so we don't break tradition, lets go to my domian again.

You left it on the same channel right?

Uh… yes.


Then let us enjoy this loving reuinioun between adrogonous elves.

I'll make the popcorn again.

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