Inkyrius (Part 3)

Well, let's get a move on.

Clouds of different colors swarm up around the fiends as they summon themselves to a different domian.

Right, I'll get to work on that popcorn.

*Pop* So, I guess we just watch what happens next.

Oh most definately. Huddle around the couch. Wait… It just shows the place we offered the deal.

Qarr, do you have it set to the wrong setting?

Ummm… I don't know. Do I?

Yes he does, it's set to location.

From where he's making popcorn. Awww… we're missing the beginning.

Not to worry, I have this under control. Timestop button. *Click*

What are you doing?

He's stopping time while we try to catch up on what's happening. Or atleast I think he is…

Where is that button?!

Here, let me do it. Takes remote and fiddles with it. Ah! There we go.

Comes over with popcorn. Yes, you got it to work. There's are former customer now.

I still can't get use to that familiar.

Shhh. Turn it up.

"-sufferable buffons!"

"Now, now, V. You kept forgetting about me as well."

"Yes! But I explained your existance about you earlier today, and they apparently have forgotten our disscusion!"

"Well, I'm not really bothered. Though it's probably beause I'm used to it."

"Ya, well… My roaming band of remember-not group is trying my patience. I hope that I won't-"


"Suvie! We have unfinished business!"

"Great elven gods! Is that… Inkyrius?! What-"

"Silence! You know very well what has happened. Can yo-"

What the heck? Why'd it stop.

We finally caught up to the present.

Right, stopping time freeze then. *Click*

"-u guess what?"

"Uh… You made the same deal with the fiends I used when I returned home as an act of vengence against me?"

"Yes, very good. Though now I understand why you didn't want to part with this lovely power." Flys down closer to Vaarsuvius. "But understanding won't stop me from getting vengence of what you pulled in the court house."

"Wait, Inkyrius, please understand! It was not my intension to perform such a method as to going that far-"

"SILENCE!! Bigby's Grasping Hand!"

A large arcane hand grabs Vaarsuvius by the arms and hoists the elf into the air.

"What are you-?"

"Extracting my revenge through a similar method you tricked me. I know for a fact you don't have the still spell feat when I fell asleep that one time with the rope. How many hours were you tied to the bed again?"

"Holy Crap!! I'm getting help V!!"

"No you're not you carion bird! Hold Monster!"

Blackwing freezes and falls to the ground.

"Now where were we? Ah, yes." A wicked grin appears on Inkyrius's face upon seeing the helpless elf dangling from the arms.

"Please, Inkyrius! I beg you to put your emotions aside for one moment and listen to my explinat-"

"Quiet! I would silence you, but I want to hear you screams. Evard's Spiked Tenticles of Forced Intrusion!"


"Shouldn't have left your spare spellbook at home, honey."

Ahhh!! I can't watch!! The three fiends close their eyes or look away.

Hurry! Mute it! Quick! As the yells of the elf rings in their ears. At once, there is silence.

Whew! That's a relief.

It certainly is. Can you imagine what could be happening now?

Why imagine it? It's on the screen.

Speaking of which. How will we know when it's over?

I'm not quite sure…

Wait… Why isn't Qarr saying anything?

The three fiends look around at the hovering imp as he's staring wide eye'd at the screen with his mouth open.

Um… Qarr?

And with a thunk, the imp falls and lands onto the floor.

Wow. I didn't know you take non-lethal damage by watching something before.

Especially enough to knock you out.

Bends down and picks up the imp and inspects more closely.

Wait! Some of this damage is Lethal!

And the three fiends look at each other, wide eye'd and slowly leave the room.

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