Inkyrius (Part 4)

*Groan* The imp lifts himself off the floor. What happened?

Excellent. You successfully fast healed.

The imp looks around and see's the three fiends looking at him from a doorway. What are you doing?

Well after you passed out from the combination of lethal and non-lethal damage, we thought it best to protect ourselves from the same fate.

That's why we are standing here in this doorway, to avoid looking at the screen.

Why don't you just turn it off then?

No. No, no, no. We are enjoying how things are unfolding in between the elves.

That's why you are going to look at the screen and tell us when the danger has passed.


That's what we said. You've already seen the horror, so this prevents us from having to go through theorpy.

Though I may go through it anyways, just for imagination alone.

Besides, being our employee, this is a task we assign to you. Now do your labor and look at the screen.

Grrrr. Fine. The imp looks at the screen. Hey! It looks like Vaarsuvius passes out as well. Inkyrius just dismissed the tenticles spell.

The three fiends quickly gather on the couch.

Hurry! Turn it up!


"I can't believe you collapsed this early. You survived longer in bed. And you've gained a few more hit dice since then. Evards Black tenticle. Although it could be because my caster level is so high that the spell was stronger then intended. Oh well, I still have other phases of my plan yet to preform. Greater Teleport."


Where'd the elf go?

Not sure, but it'll probably be back.

How do you know?

The fiend points at the black tenticles that sprang from the ground and wrapped themselves around the unconscious form of Vaarsuvius. That's to keep the Vaarsuvius from going anywhere.

I see, because Inkyrius knows that Vaarsuvius has a strength penalty.

I'm adding another image in my head to theropy.

Don't you want to follow Inkyrius though?

Naaah. We want it to be a surprise.

What's the point of knowing everything? Then you couldn't enjoy everything. Right?

I guess…

Hey guys, the elfs back.


Vaarsuvius's eyes slowly opened. Head was spinning from the ordeal. Could still feel the pain from the last spell in the targeted area. It took a little while to realize the arms and legs were entangled by tenticles.

"Wh-What happened?"

"Ah! Good. You're finally awake."

"In-Inkyrius? What's going on?"

"Well, revenge on you was only the first step. There's someone else who needs punishment. She's right over there." Inkyrius points to a red haired human figure.


Haley was completly stripped of clothes. She also was dancing in an extremely suggestive fashion. Pain was obvious on her face.

"I'm giving the little slut the pain she deserves."

"What kind of spell is this?!"

The tenticles Lifted V into the air to the same height as Inkyrius.

"Like it? It's Inkyrius's Maximized Continous Irresistable Dance. As you can see, it's simular to the original irresistable dance, but at alot higher level. The spell is intesified to last 1d4+1 rounds/caster level. Since mine is so relatively high at the moment, and I maximized the spell, I estimate that she would be dancing for over 6 hours staight."

"Why would you do such a thing?"

"Like I said, the slut is getting what she deserved in getting me to perform in that adultry while you excused the divorce case. That's why she's going to die dancing as a whore for my enjoyment. It hasn't been a third of the casting time and she's already taken quite a bit of non-lethal damage from exhaustion. As soon as it accumulates high enough where she passes out, the spell will keep her body dancing and she'll start taking lethal damage. When that gets high enough, well, you know the result."

"How'd you get her alone anyways? She was with Elan."

"Oh, you mean that idiot blond human. He was easy. Just conjured up an illusion for an eye-patch stand."

"Inkyrius, please, don't do this!"

"It's actually your fault for including her in your plan."

"It was not my plan but hers!"

"… If your still trying to convince me to stop, your doing a rather poor job of it."

"No! Not convince you. But to tell you the truth. I feel I owe you a complete explaination for everything."

"Well, how ever much I'm sure most of it will be a lie. I'm very much interested in what you have to say. So start talking."

"You know how I left, sent off by my teacher, I was still trying to further my magic. Eventually I met Miss Starshine on my travels. She introduced me to life as an adventurer, and I met up with the rest of the group."

"Oh, thank you for reminding me. They're in on it as well, right? Well then, I'll pay them a visit after all this is over, with more imaginative doom for them."

"NO! DON'T! Inkyrius! My group and I are for the benefit of everyone. Including our children."

"SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT UP! I will not have you lie that you cared at all about the benefit of me or our children!"

"No, it's true."

"HOW?! What could you have possibly been doing that would help me and our adopted children?! The only thing I can think of is saving us from a mad dragon by taking this exact deal from the fiends! The same dragon I may add that came after us because of you in the first place! I even told you to drop the deal, but you had other needs before our own!"

"Inkyrius, my group has stumbled upon an evil that threatens to destroy the entire multiverse. An evil so great, that it would destroy the very souls of our children, not just their lives! That is why I couldn't stay behind with you! The position I was in was too much of a responsibility. I had to bring the group trying to stop the apocalypse together so that they can work properly together after being separated!"

"If that was the only reason, then I'm still not impressed."

"No, that wasn't the only reason. For after I brought them together, I saw a chance to stop the evil from bringing the destruction. I attacked it at it's heart, trying to defeat it. Had I succeeded, then there would've been nothing to threaten our family again. I could have gone home to live with you once again. I spent that deal doing the best for us, alot more then you did that's for sure. Imagine our children's expressions when they find out that you have made the same deal their other parent had made just for petty revenge."

"Petty revenge you call it! With her involved?!"

"Like I said, it was not my idea. The party realized I was stressed over an issue and they eventually got it out of me. They decided that it was for the best intrest to delay your divorce long enough to defeat the evil, then I could sit down and make it up to you. I had no idea what they planned on doing until it was done."

"Make it up to me? Don't make me laugh. What could you possibly say that would make me forgive you? What?!"

"Our wedding day."


"Yes. Our wedding day. That was the happiest moment in my life. That one day brought me more happiness then any day studing and researching a spell would ever do. Those moments we spent together, just the two of us, are more precious to me then my spell books. Whenever I tranced, most of the visions were of those happy moments together."

"You… really did feel that way with me?"

"Yes. I never would have wanted to intentionally hurt you. But my obligation to protecting the Multiverse was more important then staying at home with you, was because it also involved you. More then just you. It involved your safetly. That is why I left when I did."

Inkyrius looks at Vaarsuvius in stunned silence. In unison, the tenticles and Inkyrius lowered themselves down to the ground. Vaarsuvius winced as the legs supported the weight. The pain was still there.

"I…I don't know what to say…"

In answer, Vaarsuvius hugged Inkyrius and kissed the elf intently. Ignoring the fangs and the pain, Vaarasuvius kept the imbrace. It wasn't long before Inkyrius was returning it, having been reminded of why the elf fell in love with Vaarsuvius in the first place. The logic and feelings that they shared was more perfect then anyone elses.

At once, Vaarsuvius felt the deal break. The fangs dissappeared. The new set of clothes Inkyrius had from the deal like wise was replaced with the elfs old set of clothes. Cracking open an eye, Vaarsuvius looked at Haley. The elf witnessed her campanion stop dancing and fall to the ground. She had enough energy to look at Vaarsuvius and give a "Thank you" smile, before falling unconcious. A load "Caw" informed Vaarsuvius that Blackwings spell had also been lifted. The bird was flying this way.

"Well I'm glad you guys finally made u-"

Vaarsuvius used a silent Hold Monster on the bird to prevent the familiar from ruining the moment. For once in a long time, everything was as it should be.


Awww… isn't that sweet.

Yes, a nice happy ending for the two elves.

And our backup plan has just gotten even better.

Backup plan?

Oh right, you don't know.

Well, yeterday it came to our attention that the time we gathered on controlling Vaarsuvuis may not have been enough.

We realized we miscalculated one thing, Vaarsuvius's party.

You see, it is well known that PC's are widely unpredictable and masters at screwing up plans.

This of course is an understatement.

And our approximate hour of hold may be thwarted by the band of adventures.

Thus leading us to developing a backup plan.

And what is this backup plan?

Simple, Vaarsuvius's mate.

I don't get it.

We know that Vaarsuvius cares very much for his adopted children. (Don't you dare correct me on the gender) So if we could gain ahold of Vaarsuvius's mate's soul for atleast 10 min. then everything would right itself.


If Vaasuvius's time elapses before our use of the elf is complete. We threaten.

We remind the elf that we still hold the mate's soul as our own.

And thus another deal is made.

Vaarsuvius completes what we want, and we forget all the time the mate's soul belongs to us?

Why would Vaarsuvius agree to that?

Because the children our involved.

We could, say, turn Inkyrius insane and start torturing the children with knives before killing them.

Can you imagine the horror those kids will remember in the afterlife when their own loving parent decides to do horrible things to them?

So that was our basis of our backup plan.

Fortunatly, it it got even better.

For since the love has been repaired, we can add the mate in the list of hostages as well.

Man! You guys are Evil!

Thank you.

What a great compliment.

But this flattery won't give you a raise, though.

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