Celia sat in line waiting to be summoned. It wasn't her fault that her boyfriend's death had put her way behind on school work. She knew that her grades would be low, but never this low. She begged and pleaded with the instructer if there was any way she could have extra credit. And his answer left her speechless. So here she was, waiting in line at the Elemental Plane of Air's Summoning Commision, or EPASC. They really needed a better lettering for it.

Number 247!

That was her! Man it's been ages since she got that number. She hurried over to the receptionist.

I'm here!

What is your reason for requesting a summoning to the mortal realm?

*Sigh* Here. It's from my instructer. Hands the receptionist a note.

Hmmm… Reads over it. An exta credit assignment, huh?

Ya, have to teach a magic school class about sorceror levels. And only because I'm the only one in the class that has them per HD.

Well… I don't know if we have any openings. Looks through the computer. Oh wait, here's one. At the Warthog's school of Wizardry and Sorcery.

They have a school like that?

Yup. Would you like to take it?

Well, the sooner I can get this Extra credit assignment over with, the better.

Alright, so I'll file it in.

Great! So how long will it be before they succefully summon me to the sch- FWWOOOSSSHHH!!! Purple smoke covers her completely as she feels the similar sensation of being summoned. She thinks to herself how it was fast that they summoned her. When it finishes, she's standing in an office of a upright warthog.

"Ah, good, so you're the sorceress that took the request."

Grudgingly, yes. My name is Celia.

"Excellent. Right this way please." He escorts her out of the room.

So I just want to let you know that I have no necromancy spells at all. I hope that isn't a problem.

"Of course not. You're just a guest speaker on the basis on how sorcerers work. You'll be teaching to some apprentice wizards and sorcerors alike on what it's like."

Well, if that's all, then maybe it won't be as bad as I thought.

"That's the spirit. Oh, and you are considered an 'Honorary' teacher here. So you can give out punishments and the like."

I hope that won't be necessary.

"We never know, but that's why we have the rule available. Ah… Here we are. In you go."

Celia walks into a large classroom, mixed with races of all arcane types.

*Ahem* My name is Celia and I'm a Sylph. I'm here to talk to you about what sorcerors are like and everything.

"Gosh. And just when I thought this school couldn't get stupider."

Celia ignores the comment and continues on. Now what's important to know is that sorcerors get their magic through bloodlines. In fact, most of the sorceror's here has probably some mixed heritage in you right now.

I wonder what her's is. A butterfly?" Some sniggering.

Annoyance starts to creep into Celia, but she ignores it again. Now sorcerors then channel this magic into certain spells that are geneticly stored into the sorcerors memories. Thus, they have only access to a few. But their magic receptors have an easier time at regestering this spell and they have access to more of it.

I can't wait for access out of this class" Still some sniggering.

Celia's impatience gets the better of her. She looks at the source of the muttering to see a dark skined, female human in suggestive clothes sitting in a bored postition. I'm tired of disruptions when I'm giving a lecture, miss. Just then the bell rings. You! Come here now, I want a word with you.

With a groan, the human teen drags her stuff up to Celia as the rest of the class files out. Celia waits for the last of them to leave before closing and locking the door.

Alright. Let's have a talk, miss…

"Greenhilt. Julia Greenhilt."

Sarah Greenhilt? You wouldn't happened to be related to Roy would you?

"Uh… yes. But how would you know?"

Wow, small plane of existance. I'm his girlfriend.

"Seriously? My brother chose you?"

Ya. Is there a problem with that?!

"Actually the opposite, it's an opportunity for me." Starts to take her clothes off.

What are you doing?!

"Your Roy's girlfriend, and I never pass up an opportunity to mess with him. Especially since you locked the door." Tosses the last of her clothing on the ground.

Wait young lady, this isn't proper behavior for yourself! Shouts Celia, becoming very nervious.

"Ya, so." Rushing forward and starting to undress Celia. Celia fights, but the clothes somehow start coming off. "I didn't pay attention to that dull dwarf my brother hangs around with, so why should I start listening to you? Especially being in your position."

NO- STOP-!!! As the last of her garments are thrown off. You can't be related to Roy!! Yells Celia as she covers her self the best she could.

"Of course I am." And Sarah leaps forward and knocks Celia over, nearly pinning her to the ground. "And as I've said before, I don't miss an opportunity to mess with him." She starts to lick Celia.

AAUUGGHH!! Celia does her best to crawl to the door. She reaches up for the doornob, but it's locked.

"Where you trying to go? The fun is just getting started! And you can't leave anyways."

Do you forget that I'm a sorceress! Knock!! Celia releases a blast of energy at the door, but nothing happens.

"Please, you think they didn't think about making the door's 'Knock'-proof? They'd never keep us in detention that way. So, sister…" Picking up a pencil. "I hope you don't mind me calling you that since were probably going to end up that way. Lets do this right." Advances.

Cowering. NO! NOOO! AHHHHHH!!!!

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