"Everything is fine, the baby is developing nicely."

"Thank you, any idea when the baby will be coming along."

"Soon. It's impossible to test this sort of thing."

"Alright then. Thank you cleric."
Some rustling in the other room makes them turn their heads. Daigo had his back to them and was rumaging through some crates.

"Is he ok?"

"Ya, Daigo's still looking through all the stuff Kabuto had on his ship. He says that he's trying to find more reason to hate him."

"Ah, okay then. Take care of yourself Kazumi." Cleric leaves.

"Daigo! Will you please stop going through that all the time, you know that Kabuto's dead."

"But dear! You know what he did to us. I just want to see what else he had."

"Well if you won't stop then atleast bring the crate over here. I want to see sometimes too."

Daigo picks up the crate and brings it over.

"I can't wait for the kid to come along and you could walk again."

"Are you regretting that little bit of happiness we had to forget the fall of Azure city?!"

"No, not at all! It's just… never mind."


"Well… I just miss being able to see you walk that certain way, you know."

"Awwww. That's sweet. Well, maybe we can get some special time right now to make up for it." She spreads her arms and legs wide. "I'll even let you tie me up."

Daigo looks into the crate and begins to smile. "Alright then, don't move. Let me get the rope."


Daigo finishes the last knot. Kazumi is spread eagle on her back with her hands and feet tied to the ends of the bed. Her clothes were thrown aside and Daigo was staring at her. His eyes kept glancing at the bulge in her stomach.

"Are you ready Daigo?"

"Almost… Let me just check something first." He goes back to the crate.

"You know Daigo. The whole point of tying me up is to do naughty things to me!"

"I know, I know." Says Daigo, reading a slip of paper. "I just think I have found something of Kabuto's that will make things even more naughty."

"Your going to use something of Kabuto's?!"

"Yes. And there are several stages. First is this." He picks up a wierd metalic sphere with wierd magic writing over it.

"What is that?"

"Well, apparently, Kabuto liked to have special time with his wife when she was pregnant too, but couldn't get over her being a hippopotamus with a gland problem."


"N-no! Of course not! It's just the baby! Anyways, what this thing does is it teleports the baby inside of it, which is a stasis area, so he can do it with his wife. And when they were done, it would teleport the baby back in unharmed."

"That's disgusting! Although it would be nice to have my original size back momentarily."

"So you want me to do it?"

"*Sigh* Sure, if you think it's safe."

"Well, it says that nothing happened to the kid. He's only dead because Kabuto was afraid that he'd succeed him too soon and had him assassinated."

"That totally sounds like Kabuto. Well, ok, go for it." The ropes strain as Kazumi tenses.

Diago puts the device ontop of Kazumi's stomach. At once, the device starts to cackle blue electricity between it and Kazumi's stomach. Then, almost immediatly, Kazumi's stomach reduces back to what it once was and the magic words glow red.

"Did, it hurt at all?"

"No. Wow. It feels nice to not have the strain on my stomach. So you ready to do this?"

"Not quite." He puts the contraption gently onto the nightstand and goes back to the crate.

"Oh Come On, Daigo!! Are we going to do this thing or not?!"

"Here we are!" Daigo removes two things from the crate.

"What are those?" But all Daigo does is remove his clothing. "Are you just going to keep me in suspense?"

"Well, let's just say that Kabuto had a weird mind." And he picks up one of the items. Kazumi could then see that it was a belt.

"Why would a belt be weird?" But her question was answered as Daigo put on the belt. At once, his image changed to resemble a female. "D-Daigo?!"

"Well, I'm curious on how it feels on this end." Says Daigo in a higher pitched voice.

"What do you mean, 'this end'?" Daigo picks up the other item, and reveals it was another of the belts. "Wait! Daigo! Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?!?!"

"Of course, dear. And this will be interesting."

"NO! Stop! Daigo, no!" She twists at her bondings, but they don't budge. She watches, helpless, as the female form of Daigo wraps the belt around her bare waist and straps it together. She instantly feels the belt become extremely tight and her form change. She looks down at herself in horror. "DAIGO!!" Her voice sounded much deeper.

Daigo then crawled over on top of Kazumi…


In the gloom of the candle light, the pair are still, breathing deeply.

"I… never thought it hurts that much." Chokes out the high-pitched voice of Daigo.

"Nor, how pleasurable it is on this end…"

"Ya… So, do you want to get your child back?"

"Untie me first."

Daigo goes and unties the knots. Kazumi rubs the sore spots on her arms and legs.

"We better hurry. The device only lasts for several hours before it needs to recharge."

"Alright, then."

They both reach for their belts. After some struggling, they realize it won't come off.

"What! This can't be!"

"Daigo! I though you knew how these worked!"

"Hang on!" Picks up the instructions and reads it. "How could I have missed that part!"


"It says that it need a cleric's spell to remove it! Kabuto had a bunch at his disposal, so they were able to do it immeditaly!"

"But… What about our child!?!"

"Well…" reading further. "the words will turn purple when there are 10 minutes left to the spell. Then if the baby is not returned before that…" And at that moment, the words turn purple.

"Don't finish. When will the device be usable again?"

"Uh… it has a recharge time of 24 hours."

"Then that's how long you have to remain a woman until the Cleric comes back tomorrow."

"What do you mean, Kazumi?"

Kazumi rushes forward and successfully pins Diago to the ground. Then takes the device and starts to move it to Diago's stomach.

"NO! Stop! Kazumi, no!"

"Sorry, dear. But it's for our child's own GOOD!" And she puts the device on Daigo's stomach. The device crackles with blue lightning again and Daigo's stomach swells. Kazumi then lets Daigo up.

"Kazumi! What if the child comes while I'm like this!"

"Then you'll be the one to witness the miricle of childbirth. A fitting punishment for your stupid idea, right?!"


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