"Are you sure that's what happened?"

"According to them, it is."

"I bet Daigo's really sweating it."

"I'll bet. But he only got 4 more hours before the device is workable. Then I can remove the cursed belts off of them."

"Let's just hope the baby doesn't come between that time, or Daigo's going to have a new respect for the miracle of life. And if it does come at this time, imagine the confusion on mother's day."

"Yes, Hinjo. By the way, Kazumi informed me to bring these crates. She, or he, whatever, says that it's for Daigo's future safety."

"Who could blame her? Just put it there. In the meantime, stay close to them. It's a highly embarrasing situation and I don't want it getting out. It would destroy this nobility I constructed, and in return, ruin me. Beside, if the baby does want to come, you'll be right there by poor Daigo's side."

"You'd think that being a cleric, you'd be use to this stuff. But when your there for a person that was a guy and not months pregnant yesterday… I'm going to stop before I think of something I will regret…

..Dammit! I thought of it!"

"Just get out of here and go to the Kato's."

"Of course Lord Hinjo." The cleric turns and closes the door with a snap.

Hinjo collapses into a chair and puts his face in his hands. "Oh Daigo, what in the WORLD were you thinking?" He then realizes the answer immediately. "Wasn't even doing it in the first place. Twelve gods, I can't wait for this to be over."

His eyes slide to the crate of Kabuto's. "Well, I guess I'll keep rummaging through his things. Atleast I know not to activate any magical device of his." He gets up and rummages through the crate. "Let's see here…" Picks up a set of three books. "4.0 rules? Well I guess I could use these. They might come in handy later." Sets them down on his desks and continues to go through it. "How many of these gender-change belts does he have?! There's dozens in here!" He pushes them aside and spots a small book hidden under all the belts. He picks it up and looks at it closely.

"Hmmm… Kabuto's diary, huh? Well, let's see what he has in here."

He walks over to his desk, sits down, and begins to read through it.

"So he did assassinate his child, typical… Those ninja's were his! Ha! wait until the other nobles hear about this… And he was in league with the imp. Probably should explain why the imp disappeared when he died."

He flips through to when they went to their second ally requesting help and the first line caught his eye. "Wait, what is this?" He begins reading.

The diary's first line was… "I realized what I've been missing, since I've been after the throne, but I will get what I want when Hinjo leaves…"

Lord Kabuto paces across his ship waiting. How long was it going to be before Hinjo leaves. At long last, the boats leave and set sail for land.

'Ah! Finally! Now where is she?'

Quickly, he spots a shark with a figure heading towards his ship. 'Excellent! Palaidn's are so gullible.'

"Alright Kabuto I'm here! Where are you?" Calls out Lien as she climbs over the railing.

"I'm in here!" He calls out from his private room. "Come in if you want to talk to me." Lien quickly hurries into the room. "Please shut the door, this is private." She slams the door. "Now what do I owe the pleasure?"

"You know darn well what it is! I got your note and I came alone! Now as you say, your going to start confessing to everything you did, correct?!"

"There's no need to shout, and yes I will. But first, sit down." Lien sits in the chair in front of him. "May I offer you some wine?" He pulls out bottle and pours 2 glasses.

"Knowing you, it's probably tampered with, your just waiting for me to drink while you watch with your glass still full."

"What? Of course not." He takes a long drink, nearly draining the glass. "This is my favorite wine." He refills his glass and continues to take sips.

Seeing this, Lien cautiously reaches for her glass. She then takes a little sip, hoping the twelve gods would protect her if it was contaminated. What she tastes was the most delicious thing she could imagine. It wasn't long before she was on her third glass.

"So…" She says, "You going to start confessing?"

Kabuto smiles as she drinks her forth glass. "No, I'm not."


"You didn't think I'd give up that easily did you?"

"Then why'd you lure me here under…" Her body starts to shake and she starts feeling very weak. "Wh-what did you do to me?!"

"Well, my dear. You were partially right, the drink was contaminated."

"B-But you drank f-fr-from i-it t-too…" She had trouble moving her lips. She couldn't even stand up.

"That's because I drank an anti-toxin a short while, not to mention I had my best cleric buff me against fortitude. However, you seem to have drunken too much of it. Your supposed to be able to talk."

The only reply was an angry groan from Lien, who couldn't move any part of her body. She just glared at Kabuto.

"Well, alright, since you asked so nicely. That was a special paralyzing poison I put in there. You won't be able to move for several hours."

Another groan came from Lien.

"Well you see my dear," he gets up. "My wife suffered a fatal illness a while ago, as you well know." He walks over to her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Lien watches him as best she could. "Now, after that, I decided to try to take over the throne more intently. But those few times with her that I had were quite enjoyable." He puts his face right next to her ear. "And I want you to help me remember those lovely times I had with my wife in bed."

Lien's eye grew wide with fear. She was groaning loudly and started to tremble. Kabuto admired that her paladin powers was allowing her to atleast be able to shake. He then picked her up and move her over the the bed in the next room. "By the way, with some divination, I found that you aren't even a virgin. Excellent!" Lien cursed how her mother was always right about this stuff. He layed her down and started to pull up her shirt. Lien groaned even louder.

"Now don't worry my dear. We'll do this right the first time, then we'll reverse roles. I have some fashinable belts for us to try on after this…"

"Remove curse!"

Lien's form turned back into that of a female as the belt broke off. She felt pain everywhere. Kabuto had not been gentle with her. She tried to speak, yet again, but her lips refused to move.

"Well, that certainly brought back good memories." Said a somewhat higher pitched voice. Lien looked at the female form of Kabuto.

"You next, sir. Remove curse!" Kabuto resumed back to his normal form.

"Ah, excellent. Hopefully, I won't have any urges for a while. I need to assassinate Hinjo soon."

Lien's eyes widen in surprise. Kabuto was stupid enough to say that out loud. Kabuto then seemed to realize his mistake and covered his mouth, quickly turning to Lien. She stared at him with a smug look. He couldn't imprison her because she was important to Hinjo. He'd notice if she disappeared.

Then Kabuto lowered his hand and smiled. "Oh, why am I worried? I was going to do this any ways. You have it prepared?"

"Yes sir. The specially researched one for you."

"Excellent! Now cast it on her."

Lien watched helplessly as the cleric put his hand on Lien's forehead. "Greater Sleep!" Lien's eye's instantly grew heavy, and she fell asleep in a couple seconds.

"Alright, now we'll be safe. Modify her memory so she doesn't remember any of this. And Heal her while your at it. So that when she wakes up, she doesn't feel the pain. I want to be able to get her the same way over and over."

Hinjo looked at the last sentence in horror. He quickly scanned through the rest of the diary. Finaly he put the diary down ontop of his desk and prayed to the twelve gods.

Kabuto did this to her seven other times when they were at sea.

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