"Yup, you pass."

Tsukiko stands up from the chair and proceeds to the staircase. With each step, she recalled the chain of events that made her take the test of the heart.

Xykon was becoming ever more aggressive and angry over his phylactery. He even made her go down to the sewers once and search with the hobgoblins over some casual remark she made on dead weight! Her clothes smelled horrible after spending all day down there looking.

Then a few days ago, she heard Xykon yelling at Redcloak. She of course never passed an opportunity to watch Reddy get scolded. Xykon yelled that he lost his patience and would start killing a hobgoblin a minute until the phylactery was found. Redcloak begged him not to and instead told him that one of the city's books mentioned an oracle. He told him that the oracle could probably locate the phylactery.

And of course Redcloak volunteered her, HER, of all people! But she wasn't about to say no to a blind with rage Xykon. So here she was, a few days later at the oracles place.

She walked up the last few steps to the upper room.

"Hey, Oracle! You in here? I have something to ask… you?"

"Ah, Tsukiko. Perfect."

"I know I am. But, are you the oracle?"

"That I am."

"Good. Then I have a question for you."

"Right. So how will you be paying?"


"Yes, pay. I don't run a charity here."

"Well… I don't have money on me."

"Well, there alternative payments." He points to a flyer on the wall.

We accept:
-Cash (No electum)
-Immortal souls
-Magic beans
-Your voice

"Hmmm… Well the only immortal soul I can think of is Xykon. But I don't think that would be appropriate. And what the heck are magic beans?"

"I don't really know myself. I just know someone who'd buy them. So you'll be paying with your voice then?"

"What?! NO! My voice is perfectly pitched! No one elses in the world can match to it!"

"Alright. Then you can get out. It was fun chatting with you."

"Oh no you don't! You will tell me what I want or else!" Her hand glowed with necromatic energy, then all of a sudden, it dissappeared. "Huh? What happened?"

"Isn't it amazing how I always have the right magic items for situations like these. Or should I say the lack of. For this entire building disrupts all magic in it. Anyways, I have a bath to take. Can't keep ducky waiting."

"No, Wait! I can't go back without that information! He'll kill me and bind my soul!"

"Well, sucks to be you."

"Oh, please! I do anything!"


"Yes! Anything!"

"You say you're perfect, right?"

"Uh… Ya. But what does that have anything to do with-"

"I want your perfect body."


"Oh, just for a while."

"Why would I agree to anything like that?!"

"Because it sounds like you'll lose you body permanently if you go back empty handed."

Tsukiko looks at the smug kobold with anger. Though she knew he was right, she couldn't go back without that information. Come to think of it, Xykon would probably torture her before killing and soul binding.

"…Fine. What do you want me to do?"

"Excellent! Just toss your clothes over there and come in this room."

Tsukiko slowly pulled off her clothes, silently cursing the reptile. She then proceeds into the room where there was a bed.

"You want me on the bed?"

"Of course!"

"Figures." She couldn't believe she had been reduced to prostitution to get what she needed. "So why do you want to do this anyways?"

"Well, to tell the truth, I've always been disgusted with you mammals on how you reproduce. But I've decided to find out why it's such a big screaming deal. I even got some special toys for such and occation."

Tsukiko didn't like the sound of that, but knew she had no choice. She just laid there as the kobold crept to her with various devices in hand.


Tsukiko lay there, panting heavily. Pain was felt in all the more sensitive areas. Tiny claw marks were evident on her breasts in particular.

"That will do. We're finished."

She sits half up. "Truly? We're done?"

"Yup. It was an enlightening experience for me."

Tsukiko then gets out of bed, wincing at each step she took as she went to retrieve her clothes. As she finished putting on the last of it she turned to the kobold. "Remember your promise!"

"Yes, I know. I'll keep my word."

"Good. So answer my question!"

"Make it official."

"Fine. When and where will Xykon's phylactery be found?"

"Xykon's Phylactery will be found in 5 minutes in the sewers by one of the hobgoblins that are looking for it."

Tsukiko stood there, just starting to comprehend what the kobold just said.

"Th-Then… this means that you just tricked me into-"

"Thank you! Have a nice day!"

He pushes Tsukiko outside.


*Slam* The door shuts. Tsukiko walks down the road.

"That stupid kobold. He thinks that I will take this laying down? Oh he has another thing coming. There's no way he'll get away with this. When I get back, I'm going to grab as many zombies as I can and march right back here. Let's see how he responds when a bunch of mindless undead come in to eat his brain that is so much of a waste with…

…Huh? How'd I get here?"

She looks around bewildered.

"And why do I hurt so much?"

She looks under her shirt and see's the claw marks.

"I guess I got into a fight or something. Cure Moderate Wounds! Now to get back to Xykon. I can't believe they sent me all the way here just so they can find it when I'm gone. It's not like anything interesting happened here after all."

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