Vaarsuvius/Aarindarius (Part 3)

Dear Inkyrius,

Good idea or not, I've already sent the letter. I promise that I won't get you in trouble. If he does determine that I sent the letter and confronts me about it, I can always blame it on teenage impulsiveness. (I wonder if he would believe me?)
You ask what my parents would say? Have you forgotten everything that happened when they visited for my hundredth birthday? (I wish I had.) Inkyrius, my parents would say, "How good that little Suvie is finally learning about the joys of love!", then they would give me advice on how to write flirtatiously. It's exasperating sometimes. I mean, they are supposed to be role models for me, not the other way around! They act so irresponsible about so many things. I feel uncomfortable just thinking about some of the things they do in front of me.
I have heard that normal parents are quite insistent that their children not perform, ah, physical displays of affection on a whim. How I envy those with normal parents.

Your Friend,
P. S. I am truly sorry about the incident with the cheesecake. Just so you know, Aarindarius lectured me until my ears ached and I wasn't allowed near the kitchen for several months afterwards.

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