Vaarsuvius/Haley (Part 2)

I was awoken from my cross-legged trancing by a gentle shake. I hovered down to the hard, lice-infested bed, heartily glad that I had not slept there, and opened an eye. A pair of hazel-brown eyes stared at me, and a lilting voice spoke.
"Hey, Vaarsuvius, time to get up! There's a party meeting downstairs in the bar!"
"Please, Miss Starshine, call me V. I believe you humans prefer short, easy-to-say names to complicated ones, though I cannot imagine why for the life of me."
"Alright, V, but only if you call me Haley! Now come on, already, Roy will be getting grumpy!"
Miss Starshine (Haley, I corrected myself) skipped down the stairs from the living section of the inn, humming a tune which seemed to be about treasure. I got up and stumbled over to the door, casting Prestidigation to iron my robes as I did so. For some reason, I cared more about my appearance than usual today.

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