Miko was torn, kicking and screaming, from the afterlife, where she had been working in the Lawful Good Tavern of Infinite One-Night Stands, where you apparently went if you were a sexy ex-paladin. She opened her eyes to see a skull staring back at her. Immediately, she remembered it. The evil lich Xykon, the ally of the evil Greenhilt and his Order of the Stick! She leapt up from the ground and threw a punch at Xykon, crying "Smite Evil!" However, she never connected, because halfway through her leap, the lich cast Hold Person, and she fell to the ground, paralysed. She cried defiantly, "Why have you resurrected me, lich? Come to torture me for information about the Sapphire Guard? I'll tell you nothing, by the Twelve Gods! Not even if you extract my fingernails one by one with white-hot pokers!"
"Nice idea, but no," said the lich, his expression unreadable due to his head being a skull. "No, I was bored, and I suddenly remembered you. You're a plucky little paladin, ain't you?"
"What do you want with me, spawn of evil?"
"That's quite simple," said Xykon, advancing towards the prone paladin. "I suddenly remembered exactly how sexy you were. I couldn't really tell before with those clothes you Sapphire Guard-types wear, but now… Miko looked down for the first time and noticed that she was wearing a sort of armoured bikini. Very impractical, her old mind thought, while another part of her that had awoken in the Tavern thought "Ooh, don't I look good". Xykon continued his advance, and suddenly Miko stopped trying to be a paladin and gave in.
"Come here, skully-boy, show me what'cha got," she murmured seductively, pulling off Xykon's robes…

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