Haley/Mr. Scruffy

From my dad, I got my red hair, my quick fingers, and an unhealthy distrust for my fellow mankind. From my mom, I got lycanthropy - I'm a werecat. The Dexterity bonus and natural attack can really come in handy; the fear and loathing, not so much. So, you can probably get why I'm not exactly very open about it I haven't told anyone, not even V or Elan. I thought I would go my entire life without ever shifting again. That is, until he joined the party.

He was more beautiful than anyone I'd ever seen before, even Elan. His soft white fur, his sparkling blue eyes, that rich purr in his voice. I couldn't believe it. I'd told myself I would resist the urge; I would be a hundred percent human. And believe me, I tried. But he kept visiting me, every night, curling up at my feet… on my face… by my side… I just couldn't do it. And so, I decided to let my inner cat out of the bag.

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