Mr. Scruffy/Easter Bunny

There was a strange scent on the wind, the cat noticed. Not that of another cat but fascinating nonetheless. There was a strange tugging within his chest; it was almost as if she was calling to him, searching for him, pulling him closer. There were traces of flowers and warm earth mixed in that powerful, feminine scent… Flowers, warm earth, and chocolate.


Holidays had never been much fun at the Greenhilt household. Eugene would barricade himself in the laboratory, Sarah would cry off in her room, Julia would through an almighty tantrum because no one was paying attention to her, and Roy would be stuck dealing with it. Easter was the worst - it had been only a few weeks before then when they had lost his brother, and he always associated it with a feeling of loss, not joy. So perhaps that was why, when Elan woke up the entire party, far early than anyone else had planned on getting up, with his joyous shout of "It's EASTER!", Roy decided to pull a blanket over his head and go back to sleep.

It was a few hours later when someone else pulled back the flimsy door to the tent. Roy blinked unsteadily in the sudden light. "Whassron'," he mumbled, trying to cover his eyes unsuccessfully.

"There's something kind of… weird… out here," replied Haley uncertainly.

"Get Durkon to handle it," Roy said, hoping she would leave, so he could go back to sleep.

"He went off for some big prayer service, but that's not the point. Look, it's… really hard to describe. If I tried explaining it, you'd think it was some sort of practical joke or something. Heck, I've seen it, and I'm not even sure it's real."

"Alright, I'm coming. Happy now?" Roy stood up a bit unsteadily, fumbling for his sword.

"Yeah, but… you might want to put some clothes on first."

When Roy finally joined them, he had to agree with Haley's opinion. The sight was just too weird to possibly be real. It was obviously a rabbit of some kind, that was at least obvious, but most rabbits Roy had seen didn't stand on their hind feet. Or wear bows. Or carry baskets of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.

"Do we know what this is?" he asked the group aloud.

Vaarsuvius shook hir head. "My divinations would indicate that it is some sort of magical animal, not an illusion or construct, but any further results are not forthcoming. I have not been able to determine the animal's exact nature or abilities, or even whether it presents any sort of threat to our company."

The rabbit twitched its nose.

"It's the Easter Bunny!" exclaimed Elan, grinning foolishly. "Look, she's got a ribbon and Easter eggs, and she smells like chocolate!"

The fifth member of the party finally arrived; it seemed Haley had not tried quite so hard to rouse him. Belkar's cloak was missing, and he held a rather displeased Mr. Scruffy in his arms. "Hey, what's this?" he asked, his face lighting up at the thought of violence. "Breakfast?"

"No! You can't hurt the Easter bunny."

"What the hell is an Easter bunny anywa-"

A strange yowling had broken off as Mr. Scruffy jumped out of Belkar's arms and onto the rabbit. Haley covered Elan's eyes, but the cat did not attack the rabbit. Instead they were… Haley made extra sure Elan couldn't see.

"Well," said Roy after a few seconds. "That is probably the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Maybe we should give them some… privacy."

"That would be a good idea," replied Haley fervently. She grabbed Elan tightly by the arm, and they all returned to their camp, eyes carefully averted.

"Yeah, Mr. Scruffy," murmured Belkar. "You go get her."

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