It was getting late, but Roy still laid awake in bed, waiting to fall asleep. He was drifting off just as he heard a quiet voice from the bed next to his. "Roy? Can I come sleep with you?"

He nearly fell out of bed, thankful that Belkar was snoring happily away. Elan continued blithely on, unaware of his implication. "I'm really cold, and lonely, and kind of scared of the dark. Maybe if you scooted over a bit?"

"Sure, whatever," Roy replied, thankful for the explanation. Why was Elan so… dense… like that? And he was lonely, he hadn't been on a date for months, and - no, don't think about it like that.

Roy squeezed over to make room for the other man. Elan was so much smaller, almost girlish, especially with those big blue eyes - no, stop doing that. Damn, this was awkward. Was he not wearing a shirt? No, he wasn't, what was he thinking, no wonder he was cold. Roy sighed aloud. This was going to be a long night.

Elan, on the other hand, seemed as oblivious as usual. He happily snuggled into the bed, casually wrapping an arm around Roy, who was too uncomfortable to move. He tried not to think about how nice it was to have someone warm next to him, what a change it was…

"Thanks, Roy. You're my best friend ever," Elan said happily, with a sleepy note in his voice. Luckily, he shifted as he slept, curling up into a fetal position, and after a while, Roy lifted him out of the bed, moving him back into his own. There was something so angelic about his face as he slept… But Roy turned his back on him, and slid back into his own bed, alone once more.

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