In The Arms of Morpheus: The Musical (Part 1)

(Scene One)

Voice Over: In an alternate universe Vaarsuvius has once again failed to defeat Xykon, even if his phylactery has been lost. However, rather than escaping with O-Chul and being reunited with the rest of the Order, they have both been recaptured. Redcloak intervenes, and convinces Xykon that they are worth more alive than dead. In punishment Xykon bans Redcloak from regenerating his lost eye. The story continues…

(Curtain opens. Vaarsuvius and O-Chul in cages in corner. Redcloak and Tsukiko talk)

T (amused): No regen, huh? Tough break
R: Be glad that I convinced him to not kill our two only sources of information on the gates.
T: Why’d I be glad about that? You’re the only one who cares about information!
R: Because I’m apparently the only one with common sense. Get out.
T: Don’t mind if I do, Left-Eye.

(T leaves)

R: Left eye?

“They’ll Never Know”

How little does she know
The pain I have encountered
As going forward to
The world that I have hungered
The deeds that I have done
That the Dark One has asked for
From which I have not shied
For family and for brother

My face and mind are set
My road is never ending
Gold chain and blood red cloak
All power to my bending
No tear shall ‘scape my eye
We shall move forward fighting
Until my work is done
The goblin’s future brightening

Through what I’ve done
To bring the sun
Goblins out of shadow!

They shall never know!

(V shifts in cage)

V (weakly): Neither of us is going to provide you information.
R (spins around, growls): We’ll see about that.

(Drags elf out of cage, protesting, and out of room. Curtain closes. Curtain opens on sparse room. R lays V on bed.)

V (looking round): This is not a cell. Why did you bring me here?

(V tries to sit up on the bed but not strong enough. Flops back on to the bed with a stifled cry of pain. R pulls out chair and sits next to bed.)

R: To heal you. I can’t have you dying on me in the first five minutes of interrogation. (Lays hand on V’s shoulder)Heal moderate wounds.

(V gasps as healing takes effect. R reaches out and cups her chin, with curiosity and disgust on his face.)

V (stronger): Let go of me.

(R snarls, digs in claws then lets go. Beads of blood appear on V’s chin)

R: I’m going to put up some protections on this room and leave. You won’t be able to escape, and you won’t bother trying to. If you do, I’ll tie you to the bed and let Xykon and Tsukiko do whatever they want. You’re going to trance whenever possible. If you refuse, I’ll start ripping off your or the paladin’s fingers, whichever works best. Food will be brought up, and you will eat it. If you refuse, I’ll force-feed you personally. I’m going to heal you until you are at least moderately healthy. If you try to resist, I’ll throw a slave into the Snarl. Once you’re physically capable of handling more than a shove in the wrong direction, you’ll be interrogated mercilessly about the elves and the gates. I don’t think I need to go into detail about what happens if you don’t tell us what we want to know. Understand?

(V glares but stays silent)

R: Let’s see how long you’ll be able to keep the defiance up.

(R leaves room, V slumps back onto bed. Curtain closes, end of act one.)

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