Haley ran like hell, while the arrows pierced her leather armor and nicked her skin. Throwing herself into a house at random, she ran up the stairs without regard for the surprised family of kobolds sitting at the dinner table. On the second floor, she looked out of the window and saw the pursuers run into the house. Damnit! Warily climbing out of the window on the other side, she landed on the street with a thud, earning a sprained wrist from the leap.
Running down the streets of Cliffport, she wondered how she could have mucked this up so badly. Bozzok would be furious… Lifting a sewer grate, she climbed down and panted. She was safe for the moment; she peered deep into the bag of loot from the Temple. Well, at least the mission was a success, if she could get out of Cliffport safe. Walking down the sewers, she saw a small door (why would a door be in the sewers?), picked the lock and opened it carefully. Looking in, there was nothing but a small room, barely the size to fit her, filled with darkness. And you could lock the door! Perfect. She sneaked in, locked the door, and laid down to get some sleep.

She woke up maybe an hour later, but she could hear something shuffle about in the darkness.
"Who's there?" Drawing her bow, she aimed for the sound.

"No! Wait! Don't shoot!" Two flecks of yellow appeared in the darkness, and Haley relaxed. The voice was not threatening. It was deep, reverberating, and had a calming quality to it.
"Am I a monster? They called me a monster." The creature, whatever it was, edged closer. "I can't get out."

"Why don't you just use the gate?" Haley asked, curious.

"Gate? What gate?" Apparently, the creature wasn't very intelligent.
"I've been lonely for so long, human. No one ever comes in here. Are you lonely, too?" Something brushed up towards Haley. Shivering, she edged away. She was lonely… yes. She was. Once again, something brushed up towards her hand. It could be a tentacle, or something else entirely…

"I'm lonely, too. What are you called?" Haley stood firm this time, not recoiling from the touch of the creature. It was sweet, almost sensual… Hearing the sound of clattering steel armor outside, she instinctively leaned closer towards the creature. Feeling some kind of body, she pressed closer towards it, enveloping it with her arms. The arm of the creature - it had to be an arm, nothing else on a living creature was that big - wound around her, as they both held their breath. As the sound of the followers faded away, Haley looked into the yellow eyes of the humanoid, she had to guess it was a humanoid. As they looked into the eyes of each other, the eyes of the rogue illuminated by the glow of the creatures', the tip of the arm, resting on her stomach, creeped lower and lower.

"What are you doing?!" Haley felt aroused, but did not want the creature to think she was cheap… Jeez, how could she even think that way? She didn't even know it's race! But all thoughts dissipated as her leather pants fell down and the arm - if it was an arm, searched further…

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