Nale/The Entire Hobgoblin Army

As the high-ranking hobgoblins wandered around in the castle, doing what they did, Nale boiled. He and Xykon had a deal! Well, had had a deal, anyway. As he kept cleaning the floors of the tower, he kept nourishing his angered thoughts. Xykon couldn't do this… well, he could, but shouldn't! Keeping him as a slave, fair enough, that's what evil liches did. But this… outfit, reminded him of the games he and Sabine used to play. Now it was just humiliating. Then something hit him. This was on the low floor of the tower, was it not? He had had enough of this. If he could just get away from the tower, he could get out of Azure City in some way, he was sure of it. Immediately leaping through the window, he looked around him for a hobgoblin to "borrow" some clothes and a sword of. This outfit wasn't befitting to him… Seeing nothing, Nale walked warily towards the northern gate. Maybe he could take himself to Greysky and get a deal with the thieves there.

As he reached the gate, uninterrupted (The hobgoblins were camped in another area of the plundered city) he saw a lone enemy guarding it. Apparently they were not expecting attack… Grinning, he whispered
"Suggestion" and then ordered the hobgoblin to take his clothes off. As Nale was going to change, he casually noticed the girth of the orange-skinned humanoid. Something for Sabine to try out, maybe? It wasn't as if they hadn't tested…
Suddenly, a whistle blew and out of the towers, from the houses, from the back alleys poured lots, lots and LOTS of hobgoblins. And they were all… Oh, gods. As a leader walked up to him with a big grin on his face, Nale had not yet even got out of the french maid outfit.
"Well well, whatchoo doing? Escaping, eh?" Leaning closer to Nale, the hobgoblin whispered
"Sorry about this. It's that mad Tsutsiko chick, making us do this. She's watching on Xykon's TeeVo, you know."

Retaking his masquerade of joviality, the hobgoblin spoke loudly.
"And taking your clothes off, together with a lone hobgoblin? You know what they say, the more the merrier…"
Laughing a booming laugh that had to be fake for the sake of Tsutsiko, the leader stood back as naked hobgoblins from the back of the ranks poured forward. Face frozen in a mask of terror as he realised what was happening, Nale tried to scream at the leader, but got no longer than
"Suggestiommmfmfmmf!!!" before his mouth, and every orifice on his body, filled, and strong arms grabbed his limbs…

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