Roy had gotten angry at the other members of the OOtS.

"They just don't understand" he said to himself. "i must defeat Xykon to prove myself to my father and prouve to myself that I am a good person" So he left them.

Roy grapsed his father's sword and held it tightly. by the sword, he would defeat Xykon forever and save the world.

Bodly going fourth, he went into Xykon's castle in order to defeat the evil lich Xykon.

The first obstacle he faced is a bunch of goblins. thinking swiftly, Roy defeated them with his sword.

The second obstacle was a horde of zombies. Roy cut off all their heads, but that didn't stop them because they were zombiees. So he took off a torch off of one of the walls and put the zombies on fire. Thiey burned to ashes.

The third obstacle was a tarrasque. Roy fought corageously but the beast was too powerful. "No" Roy thought to himself "I can not be defeated this way at least not before I defeat Xykon." With a huge roar, he leapt on the tarrasque's back and drove the sword into the glowing weakpoint in the tarrasque's forehead. The tarrasque fell to the ground and the hole room shook.

Roy cleaned off his sword with a rag. "Youll have to do better than that, monsters. Because I am a Fighter and a Greenhilt"

Just then, a voice came out of the darkness. "Ohoho! You have braved my minions and even defeated a dreadful tarrasque but you have yet to face me!" Out of tthe shadows walked Xykon. "Xykon! Invinsible master of death and magic! Die mortal!"

Xykon held up his hands and shot lighting out of them at Roy just like at the end of Star Wars.

Roy dodges well but he is too slow. He is struck by the lighting and is illectrified.

"No I can not be defeahted in this way" he said. He grabs onto his sword and starts to slowly pull himself up even though he is being lightinged.

"How are you able to resist my magic" asks Xykon.

"Because I need to prove my self to my father!" answered Roy.

Xykon stops his lightninging. He looks said.

"I too had a father. I wanted to prove myself to him but now he is dead and I cant. All of this i did for him" Xykon looks down sadly.

"My father too is dead." says Roy.

Just then, Roy realizes that instead of living for his father, he should live for himself. While he might respect his father, his life is his alone. The brief stint we spend in this mortal shell is too short to waste letting others live vicariously through our experiences.

Roy tells Xykon what he realized. "You are right" says Xykon. "I know this now. How can I ever repay you?"

Roy puts his hand on Xykon's shoulder. "By living your life out to the fullest" he says, gazing deeply into Xykon's vacant eye holes.

"Are you sure there isn't any other way?" Xykon says coyly.

Roy smiles. "Maybe there is another way."

[Five paragraphs of poorly written sex and one horrific "bone" pun removed.]

Xykon lightly holds Roy's hand as the embrace each other on the bed.

"You may not be a wizard" Xykon says to Roy "but that was magical". And then they both laugh.

Just then, someone was watching from the shadows.

"He might be yours now, but someday Xykon will be mine!" says Hinjo.

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