As a legal counsel for Thor, Celia was just finishing her final statement. But Odin was the judge, jury and (in a few cases) executioner, so this should be OK… shouldn't it? God, but the Celestial Realms' laws were easy to twist. The long history made for many precedents, and Celia had studied hard. As a lawyer for a god, this could be her big break-through.
"And so, Thor had in fact, no idea that the druid was in the woods at the moment, as no earlier notice had been issued. In a case 23520 years ago, the judge decided that trees, in fact, were in war with a cleric of Thor, and by extension, the Norse Pantheon. As, despite the many requests for peace from Odin, the trees have never answered, there is still a state of war between trees and the Gods of the Norse Pantheon, and the death of "the fried elf", as Mr. Rodriguez here likes to call the victim;" she was interrupted by a cry of "A spoooooky fried elf!" from the other side of the courtroom; "was entirely an accident of warfare, a unfortunate civilian death in the course of battle. Thor's Lightning was the cause of the death, but it's aim was the weak link, not the intentions of the defendant."

Celia took a step back and sat in her seat. Thor was talking to a cherub on his side, apparently unaware of the situation. "We have verified the cause of your queasiness as a certain Durkon Thundershield, sir. He claims he did not know that his partner was a cleric of Loki, and we're trying to verify the information as of now…" Celia tuned out the conversation, and thought for a bit, casually studying the beasts, gods, and incorporeals populating the courtroom.
Oh, but she missed Roy. She missed having someone hold her with powerful arms, she missed someone's breath beside her at night. She missed his smile, she missed his eyes. If only she could go back to him and live with him… but he had to destroy that awful lich, and she had to finish school before any plans of the future could be set in motion. Maybe she could find a replacement, just for the short months it would take to finish school. But she couldn't think about things like that now! Mr. Jones was making his final statement, apparently backed by a giant boot that spoke with the voice of Mr. Rodriguez. As the lawyers finished, Celia, Mr. Jones, Mr. Rodriguez and the accusant, a bear companion of the deceased druid, looked expectantly at Odin.
After nudges from several cherubim, The Lord of the Norse Pantheon awoke, to spoke:
"Huh? Yeah. Whatever. Go ahead." After a whispering conversation with his head cherubim, he seemed to momentarily clear his head and spoke again.
"Good job Thor, never could stand those druids anyway. Cheerio!" Odin lay down in his seat again. Seemingly forgotten, Celia decided to go out and clear her mind for a bit.

Just outside the court, there were green pastures where the animals of the Celestial Realms grazed. As Celia laid down beside a few horses, mounts of paladins from the blue reins, her thoughts returned to Roy. The roguish smile he could have, the happy laugh… the fury of his love. As the horses ran away to play, one stayed, and sidled closer to the daydreaming sylph. Looking up, her eyes connected with a white horse, intelligence gleaming in the dark eyes. What do you long for? they seemed to be asking. "The fury of his love", Celia thought jokingly, and then in her mind, changing the statement. "The fury of love."
"Oh, you could never understand…" speaking both to herself and to the muscular stallion, Celia looked down into the ground and pulled a strand of grass from her hair. I could.
Celia looked up. Could the animal really understand her? Could she understand it? Mostly for fun, partly serious, she stood up, and looking around, she whispered into the animals ear, smiling nervously. Once again, the penetrating, black eyes gazed into hers… I'd be more than happy to oblige. Celia took the reins of the aroused stallion, and smiling intently, led it towards a nearby copse of trees.

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