Argent felt the smell of the hobbos nearby. He's instincts told him to rush out there and tear them to shreads with he's claws but another instinct (the cowardly ones) wanted to go hide with he's mother. Both he's mother where not in the celestial realm. He walked the clouds in search for anyone to talk to but he fund no one. Suddenly he heard a sobing sound. He ran in towards the sound and found a lake and in it there was a shark that he found odddly familiar. As a good paladin mount he swam out and asked what was wrong.
-My master might die tomorrow and i can't help her. it said.
-That's a sad story pretty simmlar to my. said Argent and tolds he's tale.
He spent the night with the shark (nothing sexual) and the next morning he where called upon to fight the hobgoblins. He's master survived but he have not seen the shark again…

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