"Now wheres Elan. He promised to take me to dinner."
About two seconds (and two cherries) later a sending came showing elan saying
"Sorry haley but I will not be able to make it to dinner. Me and the rest are comforting V. i don't know whats wrong…"
the rest did not come because of the 25 word limit.
"Damm this is the second time he have left me hanging since we all got to gaether again. I guess we should go comfort V as well."
"I don't think we can help my master right now. Hir's mate have sued hir for divorce and full costdy of the children. Hir most need to think and rest in the company of friends." blackwing said in a sad voice.
"Well what do you suggest we do instead then. I cant live on cherries."
"You could eat by yourself." he suggested
"No I get bored when i dont have anyone to talk to." she said
"I could come along and talk to you. All evening if you so wish."
"Well I could pretend to be a mage." she said and gigeld. " They always get serwed first of some reason."
"Arcane might tend to give all kinds of special treats." said Blackwing.
"Lets go." said Haley.

-------Later that evening----

"You know what Blackwing Elan can be a real jerk sometimes. I mean I havent seen him for months and now for the first time we are in a town for the first time since we met up again. And he leaves me for some thing totaly unimportent."
Blackwing were guiding Haley back to her tent after a night of good food and to much to drink. The stuff they had here on the western continent were a lot stronger then the things on the northen continent. Finally they were back at the tent.
Haley looked in and said
"He ain't even back jet. I was hoping on making him nervus that I have been with somebody else. Well there is a way to prove that for him."
Suddenly she snatcht him out of the air and brought him in to the tent.
"Haley what are you doing." he scremed.
"Quit it. We both know that you have been hiting on me for the whole evening . Now you get what you want and I get back at elan so do what ever you birds do in the nest." she said and started to undress herself.
He doubted the wisenes in this for a momement then he flow stright at her crutch.

--------Next morning------

Elan goes in to the tent and sees Haley on the floor completly naked with some
bird that he did not rekognise.
"Haley what on the gods green earth what are you doing." he said.
"Elan. Ehh… Run the aliens might come back." she scremed.
Elan run away as fast as he could while he thougt: weird this is exactly what hapend with Therkla and Julio.

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