Haley had been on the mountain for two days. While the Order had been getting close to Kragoors gate in the north they had been forced to climb it or they would have to travel for several days more (and Belkar was even more annoying then normal (mostly because he wanted to celebrate Christmas in a strip club in a town they had past on the way (they had a Christmas special.))). So their all glorious leader had decided that they would climb it. Not for a moment thinking about her or Elan that had no spells or the physics to take the awful cold up there. On their second day of fighting the horrible blizzard up there they had been setting up camp on a tiny cliff Elan (the poor fool) had started singing a Christmas carol. He accidentally stated an avalanche that broke of the cliff (which also settled the dispute Roy and Durkon had whether the shelf was stable or not). The entire order had been sent down the mountain. She had waked up in the snow a little later with only a Tent That Always Is Warm And Comfortable, her bow, supplies for a month and a wounded leg. A fierce blizzard had been setting in so she had raised the tent with big difficulties and got in and fell a sleep.

Now it had been a week and it was Christmas Eve. She was missing Elan badly. He’s blond hair, he’s legs and he’s hairless torso. She realised that she had stated stroking herself. Suddenly the tent flap was pulled away and Haley saw Lien look in to the tent.
“Haley I’m so glad I fund you. Xykon is outside and O-Chul can’t hold him back for long.”
“Smite Evi…”
“Meteor Swarm.”
“And here’s some thing new.” She heard someone say. With a voice that sounded familiar. A small ball flow through the tent flap and she felt a sudden urge to touch Lien. She seemed to feel the same. They stated too undress each other and used all their senses to explore each other.

Xykon looked in to the tent and saw to hot chicks… compareing Cons.
“Are you seeing this?” he asked the paladin (that he recognised from some were) that laid unconscious next to him.
“Right I blasted you a little. Well both of those look like they have rather decent levels so I better let them… exhausted themselves.” He said with a laugh.

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