"I… I must succeed." Vaarsuvius said. A flash of pink light overwhelmed her senses. She soared in the air, voices in her ears talking about the final destruction of the multiverse. She laughed in a crazed maner… or was she. No it wasn't her it was the voices. "Why am I… I don't it is the voices…" she said to no one in particuler.
"You may experience some feedback. You know alignment-wise." Nero said.
"Don't let them influence your action's. YOU are the one in controll!" Lee said.
"Now go save your family." Cedrick said.
She would save them.
"Yes I will go now." she said. "Greater Teleport."

She had all the power she ever wanted. She would save her family. Inkyrius would be safe. Her children would be safe. Xykon would be destroyed. Later. All these thought's went through her head during the second it took to teleport to her famliy's residence.
"Your doom is he…" She had planned to say your doom is here but the scene before her silenced her.

The Black Dragon was already dead. In the center of the demolated yard her master Aarindarius stod with her mate hugging him and crying. Her children also clinged to him. He had already seen her.
"Suvie?" he asked. "Why are you here? Why are you wearing that?"
"I could ask you the second question myself." She said. Now her mate turned to her as well.
"He slayed the dragon that you caused the assault of. He discoverd it with he's magical detection system."
"Have you been spying on my family? You my own master."
"I wasn't spying. It noticed a invisbilty spell and a greater telepor…"
"They both betrayed you."
"Then he must have used some Charm spell."
"Suvie? Who are you yelling at?" Inkyrius asked.
"Destroy him! You have to!"
"Vaarsuvius are you alright?" Her master asked.
Sadly her aim was still not what it once was. Inkyrius was hit along with Aanrindius. The spell hit her in the side hurling her through the air. Aanrindius was wounded but took the smaller hit.

All four of them stared at Inkyrius. She bleed from the gaping wound.
"I… They… It…" Vaarsuvius stammerd.
" What did you do other parent."
"I didn't…"
"It wasn't your fault."
"She got in your way."
"You can raise her if you want to. But do you?"
"Isn't there one person you alway's loved more?"
"One that alway's cared for you."
"The Rouge."
"Haley? Yes Haley… Greater…"

She was in a building haley was gearing up her beautiful ody concealed by her leather armor. Next to her stod the little critter Belkar and Celia.
She diceded not to ponder on the sylph's presence.
"Vaarsuvius? Is that you?" Haley asked. "Why do you wear that? You look like Darth Vaarsuvius. Did you do something wrong?"
She had not thought of this. What would she say. But then she got help from a place she never expected.
"Hey back off Haley." Belkar said. Him of all people.
"We don' know what Ear's been thourgh. We can't judge him."
"That is true. Sorry V." Haley said.
"Well we got some golem's to kill so let's go." Belkar said. "You know to save Roy."
"Miss Starshine I have to talk to you about something."
"What V?"
"I… I love you." Everyone starred at her.
"V I… I have Elan and you have your mate…"
"She betray's you to."
"They all do."
"It's not fair that the feebel minded bard should have an happy ending and you don't."
"I… DESSERVE THIS!" She screamed.
"Vaarsuvius I understand how you feel. My boyfriend before Roy abandoned me for some dryad…."
"You don't know what I've gone through. You ain't important. So Meteor Swarm."
The spell hit Celia in the chest. She was hurled through a window and disapeard.
"You blasted the sylph!" Belkar screamed.
"I picked the wrong target. Let me adjust my aim. Meteor swarm."
Belkar got hit and was sent flying.

Haley starred as the entity that had been her friend. She grabed her bow and took aim.
"Quickende Protection From Arrow's. Teleport."
She dissapeard and reapeard behind Haley.
"Dominate Person."
"Drop your bow."
"Yes Ma'm."
"I love you Haley."
"I love you misstress."
"Let the bell's ring."
"And they lived happely ever after."
"The End."

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