Rodney McKay/Celia

Rodney McKay had the worst day of he's life. He woke up by one of Sam's endless emergency drills that he had NOT been informed of. He looked like an idiot when he thought they were attacked for real. Then they served a gross soup for lunch. All of these events may look small but it got worse. This night a tribal planet they had helped a few months back had a feast of harvest. The team was invited as guests of honor. He was prepared to leave when he got radio about a Ancient device somebody had found and no one knew what it did. It kept an eye on an energy reading. But what energy reading they couldn't understand. So he was assigned to keep an eye on it. Why? Because he was the best scientist around and that made him most capable to handle what could happen. So instead of being an honor guest at a party he was staring on a screen that every tenth second spit out a number and made a sound. So it was understandable if he was a little drowsy.

Drr. 2,8. This would be slightly more fun if he knew what the number meant. Brrr. 3,8. What could it be. Mrr. 4,9 It was rising now. But it went in patterns. Up and down. But it was no order in the numbers. Msssrr. 39 That was a peak. Wrrrron. 100 What…

That was the last he could think before a bright light flashed from the screen. He was blinded for a minute and when he got he's vision back he for a second thought he had sustained brain damage. A girl with thin butterfly wings, white hair and a blue dress standing next to the machine. She looked shocked.
"Were did Roy go?" she asked.
"Who are you?" She then said.
"Oh Iam Dr Rodney McKay. Who are you?" He said. He had a feeling he recognised her from some were but at the same time he was sure that he never had met anybody with wings.
"Iam Celia." At these words it hit him.
"When you say Roy do you mean Roy Greenhilt warrior leader of the Order of the Stick?" He asked as he felt he's face take a turn for the green.
"Yes! Do you know of him?" she asked hopefully.
"Ahm sorta. You may wanna sit down." With that he reached for he's laptop and entered Atlantis personal Internet. Every time they got a connection to earth they took a home page for every inhabitant and made their own net. To help with home sickness feelings. He always picked Giant In The Playground. He loved Oots. He entered the address and linked to the latest comic and showed Celia. Magic link
"What is that."
"I'll try to explain."

"So we are a amusement for you?"
"But how can I be here?"
"I have a guess. You were summoned from my imagination by the device. I will try to put you back in."
"Thank you Rodney. Can I help?"
"You could give me an massage. If that's okay?"
Because this is the crack paring thread one thing led o another…

Rodney woke up in his bed. What a great dream he thought. He looked to his side and saw an letter. It was from Celia. To him.
Did it actually happen? He decided that he would never tell anybody.

In a place far far away: The Odor Walked through the Crack Paring house holding device with a screen.
"Can't let this slip again."

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