Vaarsuvius/Everyone (Part 3)

Vaarsuvius was gasping for air when a door opened and… Vaarsuvius looked out. But not at her self, but the spliced her.

"What's going on." the spliced Vaarsuvius said with a tired voice.

"Another one. Wait you're that bitch I almost killed. Are you the same or do you only have one of those faces?" Xykon screamed.

"Well we are twins but that one I don't know about." The male elf said.

"Any ways. Fire ball." the female elf roared and pointed a finger to the… goth elf. Next they all stared at her finger that had absolutly not launched a fire ball.

"Sis we don't have our spellbooks. Nor any components." the male one said.
"I don't think we got enough sleep last night to continue with things that are bad for us…"

Now Xykon realised that he didn't have any spells. The goth elf smiled.
"Five, four, three, two, one. Why can't I wake up? Is it real?"

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