Kazumi/Lord Shojo

Kazumi felt like such a fool. Everyone knows you shouldn’t accept belts from shady vendors. Now he was going to have to use his vacation and sick days to figure a way out of this mess. Perhaps Lord Shojo would know what to do…

As he approached the throne room, Kazumi could swear he heard the sound of someone yelling, followed by the dismissal of a brown-skinned warrior and an apparently mute red-head. As he opened the door, Kazumi called, “Lord Shojo, is everything alright?”

Shojo looked up to find the source of this new voice, and found that he suddenly could not breathe. For no matter how hard he tried, he found that he could not look away from the handsome young man before him. “Er, yes,” he said, “Everything is just fine.” The young man then began to speak, but whatever he said was lost on Shojo, for he could not stop focusing on his handsome face, his large muscles, and his broad shoulders.

“Lord Shojo? Did you hear me?” Shojo suddenly looked as though he had come out of a daze. “Um, yes. I shall have to consult Mr. Scruffy. Come to my bedchamber later, and I will see if I can make your worries go away.” Kazumi shrugged and walked away.

Later that evening, Kazumi did as he was instructed and found his way to Lord Shojo’s bedchamber. When he opened the door, he froze. There were scented candles everywhere. He picked one up and it said “Passion”. There was a trail of rose petals leading to the bed, where Shojo seemed to waiting for him…

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