Julia Greenhilt/The Chimera

"Well, that like, sucked. I guess I should've realized that being chaotic wouldn't lend well to judging blast radiuses." Julia stood up and dusted herself off. At least her hair was back in the afterlife.

"Huh? Who're you? You're not on our files."
"Oh, uh, Julia Greenhilt. I kind of betrayed my family in a climatic battle with a major villain, and, like, ended up getting caught in an area of effect spell and dying anyways. It like, sucked, and it like, sucks that I am going to like, burn forever and didn't even get like, an extra minute out of it."

"I see. Oh, yes, your file's being transferred over right now actually. Have a seat in the waiting room."

"Waiting room? That doesn't seem terribly 'chaotic.'

"Well, I'm actually a subcontractor. Anyways, there's a huge line and frankly, you couldn't take on these souls anyways. I'd suggest going and sitting down before you get eaten."

Lousy good for nothing outsourced customer services. He was like, totally cute though. Mmm, he sure said that last word sexily.

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