Vaarsuvius awoke suspended from the ceiling by the wrists, in the dark hull of the ship bearing the Order to the Western Continent.
Vaarsuvius: What in the Nine Hells am I doing here?
Belkar: Well your hanging from the ceiling for one thing.
(sounds like something Belkar would say maybe?)
Vaarsuvius: Belkar!? What kind of joke is it this time, I swear by all my power I-
Belkar: No joke this time V, I'm completely serious about what I'm going to do.
Vaarsuvius: What are you talking about?
Belkar: Remember that kiss in Azure City V? That was on purpose.
Vaarsuvius: Huh?
Belkar: Time to finally see whats under this robe.
V was sweating now.
Vaarsuvius: Enough with your joke Belkar, I have a mate!
Belkar ignoring V takes one of his knives cutting off the bottom half of Vaarsuvius' robes, V's underwear showing no hints on gender, much to Belkar's annoyance, but they did have two simple words on the front 'Explosive Runes'…

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