Jephton/Haetra/Ganonron/Julia Greenhilt/Jirix

"Stay over there, you third-degree skin condition!" Julia called. Her tight, green top clung to her chest tightly, her short skirt billowing in the chilly breeze. Jirix advanced slowly, a smug grin on his face.

"Or what? There's a severe lack of females in our army, and not everyone is as bereft of fleshly desires as Xykon." Jirix grinned, revealing a row of glistening, sharp fangs. "I'm way higher level than you, you little tramp. You can't do anything to me."

"Me, maybe, but I have, like, backup!" She does. Quiver before us. Fo' real, yo.

"What? Where?! True Seeing!" Jirix cast the detection spell, and gasped as he saw the spiced souls hovering around the scantily clad girl. "Soul splices?! What can you have that could buy you three souls of that magnitude?!"

"Same thing as you want, orange boy. Everyone pays attention to the girl with the boobies." She threw a lopsided grin to Jirix. "I just let them peek in next time I have company. A fair price to pay for ultimate arcane power." And we were really on our way back, so we figured it'd be easy soul time. We did tell her about the whole sell-your-soul part of the contract, didn't we? I was getting to that, but she accepted right away. Figured what she doesn't know won't hurt her. He's pretty cute, isn't he? Uh, what? The goblin. I wish I still had flesh, 'cause it'd be tingling right now. Haerta, weren't you into the life-impaired last time I checked? I just have a thing for the uglier parts of creation I guess. Besdies, the poor baby really can't have much of a life, anyway. Uh, right. I'll take your word for that.

"Magic Missile!" Julia called out, but nothing happened. "Guys, like, what the hell?!" So, what are we doing? He's coming closer. Looking rather determined. I don't want to hurt him… Well, this IS just a side-job. It's not even official… Yeah, I guess… C'mon, guys? Please? Oh, okay then. Selective Teleport. Yaaaaay! Haerta deepend the splice, making her feel her host's body stronger.

"Aaaiiie!" Julia gasped when her clothes suddenly jumped three yards to the right. In horror, she tripped over her own feet and landed squarley on her pretty bum. "No, no, WAIT!"

"Easy, girl, I'm not one to be violent. Just relax and you just might like it." Jirix approached slowly, a smile on his face. He reached down, cupped and rubbed Julia with his hand. Julia imagined she could hear a soft moan ascape her lips, but she hadn't induced that herself. She also felt a strange kind of arousal she hadn't experienced earlier. Gasping again, she made no major effort to expel the intruder. She just hoped no one would hear about his, because that'd be totally bad for her street rep.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her chest, and another one sneaking up her thigh. No fair leaving us hanging like that… You can't have all the fun. Haerta sighed, but smiled when the two hands softly began undressing her. Oh, okay then.

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