Overpriced Apple Girl/The Most Awesome Pickpockets In The ENTIRE WORLD! (Part 1)

As she entered Greysky City, she instinctively wondered what she was doing there. Already on the trail leading into town, she had seen proof of the city's debrauchery, with beggars, drunkards and women of highly negotiable affection peddling ther trade (except for the drunkards, who just slept and occationally threw bottles). Back home was a world away from this, she pondered, a watchful eye on on her surroundings as she walked up the street. Her home village, a sleepy little hamlet where the idea of breaking news was getting word that farmer Hendricsson's sow had caught syphilis, did admittedly liven up conciderably when the odd group of adventurers happened to pass by, but those cases were few and far between. This place looked like it was constantly beset by villains.

She puffed, putting the heavy sack she was carrying down on the ground and brushing her platina blonde, shoulder length hair out of her face. Her new place should be here somewhere… because this was the main street, right? She looked around and heaved a sigh. The city was hopelessly big for a newcomer, and she was getting tired of lugging the big stupid sack around.

"Pardon me, my lady?" She jumped at the address, her head snapping in the direction of the sound and her hiardo dislodging itself, so that she had to correct it again. When she did, her gaze landed on a male specimen. His hair was orange, short but not cropped, and looked like it had heard of the concept behind a comb but never really understood it. He was dressed in brown pants, some kind of soft boots and a black silk shirt with the first two buttons strategically undone. His face was cleanshaven and his smile was very inviting.

"Y-yes?" she spluttered out, then quickly caught herself. The man admittedly had a definate rougish look to him that he carried very well, but, as she swiftly reminded herself, she was no scarecrow either. She wore a purple top that went well with her straight, platina blonde hair and a short black skirt that reached about halfway down her supple thighs. Convinced that she packed more than enough punch to not be intimidated by some glorified scoundrel, she tucked the loose hair neatly behind her ear and shot off an inquiring make-it-quick look. "Did you want anything?"

"Oh, no, sorry to bother you." He rose from the wall he had been leaning on and took a few steps towards her. When he walked, she could see the shirt stretch flatly against his chest, molding it in black silk. It wasn't unpleasant at all. "I just thought you looked like you were lost. New to town?" He glanced at the sack as he asked, then shifted his gaze to her face, the smile on his lips speaking volumes about something, but she wasn't sure about exactly what.

"Why do you ask?" She inquired, keeping her impatient, suspicious expression sculpted like stone on her face. The mysterious smile made her uncertain, but she was not about to let him see that. She took a few steps backwards as he approached, which made him stop his advancement. He sighed, shrugged and gave her an exasperated look.

"Well, let's see. In an other city than Greysky, I could, by some stretch of the imaginiation, have noticed your bewildered look and thought that I, being a longtime resident, might know where your desired location is situated. But, seeing as this IS Greysky, I'm just a rapist like everyone else." Turning around, her tossed a hand into the air in an irritated gesture of goodbye.

"Uh." She wasn't really sure how to reply to that. Provided her actualy was honest, he'd understandably be dissed by that. The city WAS known for it's high crime rate, so of course one would be catious, but every single individual couldn't be crooked. It just wasn't possible.

And… that smile…

"Wait… wait!" She called after him, making him stop on his way and throw a surprised glance over his shoulder. Picking up her sack, she walked up to him, her expression a bit softer as he turned to face her. "I… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come across so… eh, bitchy," she blubbered out. "It's just, as you said, this IS Greysky City and… ehe?" She smiled testingly.

"Yeah, yeah, I know the deal. Sorry I snapped like that." He sighed, the corners of his mouth creeping upwards once more. "It's common sense to be on your toes 'round here. I'm used to it. So were you going anywhere? Or did I in fact bother you in vain?" he asked her in a friendly tone, the annoyance having seemingly ran off him like water off a goose. He was smiling again. She liked that.

"Since you took the trouble, I was looking for 21 Market Square," she replied as she once again reached down to shoulder her sack. She was a second late, however, as his hand darted down, grippd it and easily tossed it over his back.

"Really? My house is just on the way there. I'll walk you a bit of the way?" His intonation made it a question, but she already nodded in agreement, another bunch of hairstrands fluttering loose and dangling in front of her face as she smiled up at the slightly taller man. He then reached out with his free hand and brushed the wayward hair back behind her ear.

"That's cute," he chuckled, his fingertips tracing the softness of her cheek and a soft sigh escpaing her slightly parted lips at the touch. He grinned, almost enough to produce an additional sigh, and she could feel a heat in her chest that made it a little hard to breathe properly. "Shall we?" He offered when she made no signs of moving volutarily, and once the question registered, she eagerly accepted. She got a little flustered when she realized he meant walking, but in her head, she had already made up her mind. They should.

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