Durkon stormed off to his bed, upset at Vaarsivius’s stubborn attitude. Naturally, he was beginning to be upset about other things too, with emotions welling up inside him, he had a flashback:

Durkon sighed, letting the views of Azure city enter his saddened brain, nobody ever seemed to consider his emotions at all, however, he knew this was not for no reason;
He had only one romantic encounter on this adventure, and nobody ever witnessed that except him and Hilgya (as far as he knew). He was starting to regret his choice, turning down Hilgyas love only due to Dwarven tradition. Who was he to say that Dwarven culture was more important than love? But then, he thought; Maybe it wasn’t too late!Maybe he could include an apology letter to Hilgya with the letter to the high priest that was about to delivered!! At that moment, Durkon ran as fast as he could with short legs and Heavy armor to Lord Shojo, eventually, he saw O-Chul, who let him in, and a tired but still cheery Shojo greeted him:
“*Wheeze* Shojo-*Gasp* Please *Cough* send this wit’ my message? Please.”
Lord Shojo thought about this quickly, and soon, he came to his conclusion:
” Very well, Durkon. I will gladly send this attached letter to the Dwarven lands with my messenger.”
Tears of joy began welling up in Durkon’s eyes:
“Thank ye, Lord Shojo.
He soon returned to the inn where they were staying, it was now very late, and stars dotted the sky.

Far later, Hilgyas letter, as well as the High priests, were abandoned by a hurrying Miko, Hilgyas read:
Dear Durkon,
You hurt me so much that night, you made me cry and cry. I thought I would never feel love again, but I was wrong; When you apologized to me, tears of joy came to my eyes.
Oh Durkon, I love you, and I want to be with you forever. When you return from your mission, you can see our child, I named him Durkon too. Also, Ivan is dead, he was crushed when a tunnel collapsed on him. Durkon, I want to be with you forever.
Hilgya Firehelm.

But it, along with the high priests letter, was consumed. And Durkon never saw it, so here he thought that neither had said yes, and tears trickled down his beard as he finally fell asleep.

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