"Ugh!!" said Miko, the spell smashing her soul back into her repaired body. She looked around hopefully, thinking the Sapphire Guard had brought her back to life, but her smile quickly faded as she realized she had the palest of flesh, and her eyes cast a red glow on to a person she had hated for eternity: The bearer of the Crimson Mantle.
"Hey wait, I recognize you." he said, hatefully. Miko rushed to attack, but she no longer had her katana or wakizashi, so she tried to smite him with her bare fists, but she could not smite evil, instead, flame-colored aura sprung up instead, and she did not even touch him before pausing to observe this.
"H-how" said Miko, horrified.
"Simple, your own fiery nature caused you to lose your paladin powers, and as your holy energy is replaced by that of the Abyss, you shall be armede with that unholy fire instead." said the smirking goblin.
"You have two purposes, as an undead. The first is to be a champion in battle, in case those pesky Azurites return, the next is to keep Tsusiko busy"
he said with a truly evil smile on his face.
Miko was in too much pain to answer, she felt te Twelve gods energy drain even more, and Abyssal power filled the gap. She was almost through her transformation into insanity.
"Tsusiko!! Your toy is ready!!" yelled Redcloak up the stairs.
Already, the eager looking girl sprung through the door, with a look of sinister craving on her face.
"Okay then, come upstairs little Blackguard!!" she cackled.
Miko was fully into nsanity now, and she cackled as well, and went up the stairs.
As Redcloak watched them ascend he thought: "Xykon BETTER increase my pay check!!" and went to bed.

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