Sabine felt incredibly lucky, the IFCC had finally given her a break from work, she had told Nale that she was on a quick business trip, which, in her mind, was technically true.
Sure there were big lines of men waiting for succubi in the Abyss, but she was searching someone else out, at a small western continent city known as Sandsedge, she finally met the one she had been seeking out for 3 ours, Vaarsuvius the elf.
She entered the inn that the order were sleeping in, and she shape-shifted into the form they had a conversation in, then she checked in.
After a bit of searching through windows, she came to the door that the elf was sleeping in and knocked three times on the thick wooden door, she expected the elf at the door, but was greeted by a young woman with red hair and leather armor, a woman who she knew all too well and hated utterly, Haley Starshine. Behind Haley was that sexy elf and Elan frozen halfway between removing his white top.
“Excuse me, may I please speak with Vaarsuvius for a moment?”
Sabine was doing a very good job of concealing her loathing of Haley, so good in fact, that Vaarsuvius immediately seemed to remember her and came immediately.
The elf seemed totally silent and somewhat puzzled at Sabine while they were heading to her room.
When they returned to her room, Vaarsivius finally spoke:
“Er, what do you have to ask, madam?
At this point, Sabine was already removing her red leather armor.
“Um madam, what is your intention on this fine evening” an edge of nervousness coming into the elf’s voice.
“Oh, come here.”
The elf did as requested, getting slightly more scared.
When the elf got within reach, Sabine grabbed Vaarsuvius and kissed the elf.
V got the message, and in fact, she had been so taken aback that she said:
“Okay then.”
Joy rushed through Sabine, finally she could do what she had wished to do for ever since they had met at Azure City. To be truthful, she still didn’t know the elf’s gender,
but it didn’t matter, she was a shapeshifter; She could go either way.

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