Right outside Miko's quarters

Shojo: Miko, Mr. Scruffy wants to know why you are still here.
Miko: My lord. Surely you must recognize that I need to make absolutely certain I am fully prepared to capture the evil Order of the Stick, so that I might-
Shojo: Playing with Mr. Scruffy Oh, you're a good kitty, aren't you?
Miko: Sir?
Shojo: Just make sure to bring them back, alive. Mr Scruffy won't have corpses littering these new rugs we've put out, now will he?
Miko: Yes sir. If you will excuse me, I must finish.
Shojo: Of course. Come on Mr. Scruffy, I hear they're serving tuna today! And for dessert, they're serving a large vanilla cake with strawberry frosting!

They leave.
Miko watches them leave, and then motions to a nameless soldier.

Miko: Get over here.
Soldier: Oh! You must be Miko the paladin. I've heard………….. stories about you.
Miko: Listen carefully. I am in a compromising position. It seems that due to a massive influx of hormones, I am in no position to leave tonight and capture the Order of the Stick. However, I intend in no way to delay my hunt to next week.
Soldier: I don't think I understand.
Miko: You are a man. I am a woman. Surely you understand the natural relation that exists between us.
Soldier: I… Are you asking me to sleep with you?
Miko: I wouldn't refer to it as such, but I suppose that is the case.
Soldier: But surely the twelve gods would frown upon such scandalous behavior exhibited by an Azure Paladin?
Miko: This action is the most expeditious method by which I would carry out their will. Indeed, this is the will of the gods, that is, for their chosen one to consummate her human flaws with that of another.

In Miko's room

Soldier: Oh, this is so hot, Miko.
Miko: I do feel as though my temperature has gone up, yes.
Soldier: Oh Miko, I……… Um……..
Soldier: Um……..
Soldier: ……………..
Soldier: ……………..
Soldier: Um……… I'm sorry?
Miko: GET OUT OF MY ROOM. NOW. She grabs her sword from her nightstand.
Soldier: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! He runs out of the room, grabbing his underwear.
Miko: ………………………….. Apparently I have to take care of this myself.


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