"How could I… She's a very beautiful women, isn't she? But she doesn't know it. And she doesn't know much about how I look either. My beloved Saangwang…"

Miko was lying on her bed. She had just come back from a long expedition to a faraway eastern kingdom, and was really tired, especially after her debriefing to her liege lord. Well, to His cat, really. But what do you expect from an old senile. He wasn't Evil, but he sure was senile. But in her room, Miko was forgetting about Shojo and she was thinking about her favorite.

"Miko went back to her room. She must be really tired. Today's not the day, but tommorow will be."

Saangwang was enjoying her meal, after divining a little for her lord. It wasn't that much tiring, but she always wished there was someone else with her talent around, so they could divide the whole job. Not that she didn't like her life : being blind, she barely could do anything else, and doing her job for her lord gave her a fairly generous stipend. But she missed most social contacts girls of her age have.

She knew very well Miko's feeling towards her. At first, she was afraid, because she also knew Miko had great physical prowess, and she also could force her to do many things. But with time, she learned a lot more about her, and she knew Miko would never push her beyond her limits. She might be a little too adamant about laws, she still will try to not break them, at any cost. And one of the laws was to not force people to make out. Saangwang was therefore safe.

But today, she knew that Miko would be ready. Well, at least, she knew that tommorow would be the day. So everything was planned. She also knew that Miko would wonder about many things, especially on how… well, they would feel each other. Obviously, Miko wondered at how Saangwang could be in love, could feel beauty, without the eyes. So the seer devised a great plan to show Miko that she was both wrong and right.

"The sun is shining bright today, it feels like a great day. I wonder what I will have to do now. Perhaps another long journey to some faraway land, far from my girl."

Miko was still leaning at her room's window when someone knocked at her door. It was a servant, she was asked to the throne room. She would obviously travel again today.

"Miko, my cat said that he had great need," translated Shojo, "but he also said that someone has more need of you that he today."
"Who would be that someone who needs me more than my liege lord, er, rather his cat."
"She is standing right there. Saangwang!"

Miko had some kind of reaction. Why would she, of all people, need her more than Shojo or the guard?

"Miko, I am in great need. And… well, you are the only one that can answer this urgent need."
"Am I, really?"
"You certainly are. I have guessed it already that you are the one I need, after all."

Miko was blushing. What was it that she needed so much. From Miko, especially.

"And what I need foremost is that you come to my room. About half an hour after sunset. Will you come?"
"I will serve you as best as I can."
"And this is what I expect from you, and no less, Paladin."

"She will be coming in a moment. She was so strange in her mind. She couldn't decide what feeling she should be having of coming to my room."

Saangwang had everything ready. She had gone to the castle's kitchens, and bought all the chocolate available. She was now making it melt on the fire, as it was almost time. The room was getting hot, but it also smelled much like chocolate; really tasty.

Then, someone knocked at the door. It was her servant, and he said that Miko was waiting to come in. "Well, let her enter, and you can leave, I will not need your assistance tonight.", replied the seer.

Miko arrived at the door. She smelled the fragrance.

"It smells like chocolate here.", wondered Miko.
"I am melting some chocolate to eat. I am glad that you have come.", answered Saangwang.
"It is my pleasure. But what do you need of me?"

Saangwang closed her room's door, after checking if there were people nearby. As she didn't see anyone, she was glad, and the door now closed, she aimed her head intently at Miko.

"What do I need of you, do you ask? Do you remember the first day we met, Paladin."
"It was when I first came to this castle, after my time at the monks' temple."
"Well, I became scared of you, that day. A lot. But I showed no emotion."
"You were scared?"
"I was. Your mind was scary."
"My mind?"

Miko was puzzled. What did she know about what was in her mind.

"Yes, your mind. But no, don't think that you did something wrong, on the contrary, your thoughts were actually beautiful. I guess many things, including what you may hide in your heart, dear Miko."

Miko was more puzzled than ever.

"What do I hide in my heart?"
"Many things, but I did not seek out all of your secrets, as your mind is yours, and I did not want to spy on you. But I couldn't help myself, and I spied some little details. Because, well, the first time we met, you looked at me, and you loved me, and I felt it really hard in my mind."
"Is that why you were afraid?"
"I was afraid you would crush me to have my love, but I learned that you would never do that. So quickly, I was no more afraid. But Shojo kept sending you on missions, and then his cat did the same. So I couldn't speak to you more than what was needed. But today, I requested your help, because I really need you, Miko. And this is why you are standing here."
"And what is it?"
"I need to show you the love I have for you."

Miko's head turned deep red. Saangwang couldn't see it, but she felt in her mind how strong the emotion was. Miko somewhat panicked, but Saangwang came to her and took her two hands in hers.

"Do not be afraid, you don't have to. What I need of you, is simply, your love. Don't you love me, have I not been deceived by your strong feelings?"
"You have not. I kept on wondering if I could ever tell you it."
"I know. And you also wondered how I could ever love you and, especially, feel your beauty."
"You know that as well?"
"I couldn't help. But that's as much as I have let myself know of your feelings. I want you to tell me what's left. But for now, since you have provided me with your love, it is time for me to show you how I can feel beauty."

Saangwang then brought her beloved paladin towards the pot of hot melted chocolate.

"Miko, tell me, do you like chocolate?"
"I certainly do not hate its taste. It mixes many fragrances together. And it tastes very good in your mouth."
"I am relieved, because this is something I wanted to leave as a surprise for me to learn more about you. So this chocolate, my dear, will be how I will show you."

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