OOTS Jr. (Part 1)

I had received some news of Ross yesterday. The letter was a bit old, but it said that about two weeks ago, they were two weeks away of arriving here. So they should be arriving shortly. So that why I finally got out of my monastery. I'm the heir, but my parents have many more children, so I am not afraid.

It was about a year ago. Joan had sent me a letter. She said she was about to graduate from her training as cleric. She had spoken about that years ago at the great party of our parents, celebrating their adventures. She also said that she had been living with her beloved fighter for most of the time. Alexander, that is his name, was a fighter but had also studied at the wizarding college as well. He's a really special guy to say the least. But what was most interesting about her letter, is that since they'd be graduating, they would like to go on some adventure, and were looking for willing people to join them. She had already got her quite clever twin brother on the thing. I responded positively.

A few months later, came again a letter from her brother Ross. He was saying that three other people had answered. They were waiting first for the two elven brothers, Leilandius and Arduvanius, and when they would arrive, they would come down south to join me and the other member that responded. I did not know who it was that had answered positively. I thought of the Lord's son, who was good friend with Alexander. But when, at the Nobles' Council, I spoke with him, he said that he had indeed received a proposition to join, but had declined, as he was the only adult heir yet. All this was funny, I wondered about.

Another letter came, telling that the group had left Cliffport for Azure City a few months ago, right after Joan's graduation. And now, this letter. They would be arriving shortly.

- Well, who do we have here. Welcome at the Kato's Mansion.
- Hi, Mrs. Kato, answered Ross with his charismatic voice. And you will be having another baby? Well, all my congratulations.
- Definitely your father's son, really. And as for the baby, Daigo and I decided it would be our last one. As for Hitomi, she's in her room, so I'll have her join you in the parlour over there shortly.
- Thank you very much.

Ross was impressed by the mansion. It wasn't huge, but it was well decorated and had much space. It showed that, even though they were only recently admitted into nobility, they were of a dignified class and had shown much valour. Kazumi had become famous, leading armies even when she was pregnant. As for Daigo, he had become a professional fighter and personal protector of his Lord.

- Oh, hi everyone!, said Hitomi arriving in the parlour.
- Hi Hitomi!, said Joan. It's been a long time, isn't it. When was it, 5 years ago?
- Yes. I was studying at the monastery back then. And you're now a cleric. And you are cute in that armor. Definitely, Alexander is a lucky guy!

Hitomi winked at Alex, who blushed red. Ross then spoke to her.

- I think you have already met Leilandius, five years ago. He has grown up a little since then. And, said Ross while looking at Leilandius, I insist, only a little. And here is his sibling Arduvanius, who accepted to accompany Leilandius.
- Nice to meet you, Arduvanius.
- Nice to meet you too, replied Arduvanius. You can call me Ardy, it makes it shorter to shout in dangerous situations.
- Well then, Ardy.

The moment I had entered the room, I felt weird. They were all so young. But it wasn't only that.

Joan had already her boyfriend and she was way younger than I. The boy is a really handsome one. Not that I am jealous; Alexander's way too bulky for my taste (even though with the wings, he IS hot). But, I was more jealous that she already had found her love, while I, five years older than she, was still alone.

As for the two elves, they seemed really young. Teenagers, really. Would they really be able to travel with us? But it seemed they were at least good enough to travel from Cliffport. At least, even if I don't have a boyfriend, I feel I will have some great company with them, even if they're all a little younger than I am.

My mother had invited the whole party to stay here for tonight. We had not our seventh member yet, but she, as I learned it was a she, was only expecting us tommorow at her own place.

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