OOTS Jr. (Part 2)

<They really have neat houses in Azure city. I thought they'd all have ugly square buildings like up there where I met the twin humans. The lines fit a lot more with the nature around, a lot more to my taste really. Though I miss the forest.

And really, I wished my sibling could be a little less… annoying. Leily really can act like a jerk when he wants. And it had gone worse when his powers came out of nowhere. Not that he turned Evil or something like that, but he had become obnoxious. That's why I was so happy to live with my parent's parents for a while.

It was, however, quite fun to meet all these new people. Arriving at Cliffport, my sibling and I met the three others with whom we travelled south. There was Ross, who's obviously good at leading people around. My sibling had told me that Ross was a cool boy. Knowing my sibling, I was afraid that it would turn out to be the opposite, but I could now feel it, he's both highly intelligent and charismatic. I thought rogues would never be that charismatic, but he's really of the handsome type. If it wasn't for his sister, I would have guessed for some elven blood in him, somehow.

As for his sister, while she's cute, she's not as cute as her brother's handsome. And she lacks in intelligence. Clearly. But she seems a lot wiser than what I would have thought at first sight. And she has a strong faith, which she has demonstrated many times along the way. And then, you have her boyfriend. He's totally weird. He has those wings, with which he can actually fly. But he's as strong as a normal human fighter. He's quite charismatic as well, though the huge muscles he has spoils it for me. And when I say huge, he decided to push hard on his strength. He took both Leily and Joan in his arms, and flew across a chiasm with them. Without complaining.

And now, that new southern girl. Now, if Ross is really handsome, she's even hotter. Slender, almost as an elf, and seems to have a great constitution. Hitomi's her name. But she's old for a human, and she probably noticed that I'm pretty young for an Elf myself. And later today, we'll be meeting our last companion.

What a surprise did I have… I never thought I'd see one in my life. A half-human-half-dwarf. As if that was possible. She looks like an over-sized dwarf, even though she says she's a little less built than a female Dwarf. How bulky do they look like then. She seems strong and charismatic, and wise as well. But she's a paladin. Parent told us of the story of a stupid paladin. While parent said that she was an exception, it still tells me that Paladins are something of a pain to travel around with. But she doesn't seem to be a bad girl, really.

Everyone in the pary seemed to know her. Well, I am the only one who never went to those reunion parties. First, my sibling. But also, I was with my grand-parents all the time, learning the ways of a Ranger. But now, it seems that it somewhat was a bad idea. They look so friendly together, even with Leily. I feel somewhat like an outcast here, out of the inside jokes or other things that only friends share. It will probably dissipate with time, but I obviously missed a lot. I'll try to catch up.

Oh, and now it seems will be having a feast for our departure. Hitomi was to pay us a great feast at some fancy restaurant. Maybe it will be time to catch up with everyone.>

Arduvanius was sitting next to Hitomi, and had no one on his other side. The elf then spoke to her.

- You know each other a lot.
- You think? I've met them only a couple of times. But we sent messages to each other. But what about you? I knew Leily had a brother, but I had never seen you.
- Well, I used to live at my grand-parents place for the last few years. I wanted to learn the Ranger's ways, but my parents being Wizard and Baker, I couldn't learn it from them. So I never went to my parent's various parties with the teammates, so I never met anyone. I do feel somehow excluded.
- <You should not, really.>, answered Hitomi in Elven.
- What?

It came to Arduvanius as a shock. Wasn't she Human?

- <What about what?>, replied again Hitomi in Ardy's first tongue. <Do you think we all only speak Common? If that fact can make you feel better, Ross also speaks decent Elven, which he learned from Vaarsuvius. Do not feel lonely. It is not as if we had spent college time all together. Sure, Ross, Joan and Alex know each other much, but you must expect that from siblings and a couple.>
- <You speak Elven like my parent Vaarsuvius. Perhaps I'd teach you slang, it will be better like that.>
- <Sure, why not. It is not like as if I use it much down here in Azure City.>

Hitomi smiled at Arduvanius. But, then, he noted that Ross was attentive. He was obviously listening, as he understood Elven, it would seem. Ardy turned his eyes to Ross, smiling, to which Ross answered by frowning, turning away at the same. Slowly, Ardy became more confident, speaking with Hitomi. He turned to the others, and they all had great and long discussions. Perhaps Ardy wasn't that much alone, and he certainly wasn't excluded.

Tonight would also be their last night in the city, as tomorrow, they would leave to go on their first adventure.

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