Roy and Celia's Son/Elan and Haley's Daughter

I knew he would be there. Mom had told me that uncle Roy and aunt Celia would be there. In a way, I couldn't wait anymore. In another, I wanted to fly away, if I could, and make sure he wouldn't see me…

The first time we met, is when I was about 5. I don't remember that first meeting much. I remember our second meeting better, when I was 8. He wasn't much younger than me and my brother, and he was quite polite. My parents and their old friends were meeting. They seem to have got some great adventure together, and they were all speaking about funny things that had happened to them. And every time, all the children were there, including him.

He was the weirdest boy I had ever met. I lived with my parents in pretty diverse place, but he had those large diaphanic wings on his back. Well, his mother is a Sylph, so it's normal. But it was still unusual, and I never forgot him afterwards. Moreover, he was the fairest guy, not like my annoying twin. We played a lot, when the grown-ups were chatting; but even if he had the advantage to fly and run away with those wings of his, he never used them with us. A few times again he cam.

And then, I had not met him in years when, last year, Roy and Celia came back again for a short visit. He had grown up, as I had myself. And I remember my first thought. He seemed hot. Hotter than all the boys around. I got shy, and didn't speak to him at all for the first hours. My brother though got a lot of time with him. I was so jealous, and yet I felt so stupid. Could I just not be friendly with him instead of blushing every time I looked in his dark eyes? But uncle Roy was only going around their friends to see if they could meet.

Then, a few months ago, we got the message that they, the parents, would all meet again in Cliffport. My mother had taken care of finding us a pretty hotel for all of us to be in. And then, the day arrived, and we were in Cliffport. I immediately ran in my assigned room, blushing as if I was burned by Hell's fire.

"Dear", said my mother. "It seems everyone has arrived in the hall". My heart got heavy. I stood up and did some last preparations, showing up with the best dress I had taken with me.

"Well, here isn't the twin", said my brother condescently.
"Just say if he's here, and you know who I mean, and then just shut up.", did I answer in a very cold way.
"He is, so you better blush, secret-holder", he replied.

That annoying brat. He knowns exactly how to punch you in the face with words. But he's still good-hearted, and that's why I tolerate him. But he was there. I didn't want to see him. What if he had become ugly? What would he think of my dress? Will I be good enough for him? Ah!

"Well, my good god Banjo, I defer to you. I know how well it went for my mom. So could you just make sure all goes well for me?"

I walked slowly down the hallway, half-expecting my brother to have set some trap just to humiliate me. But he hadn't, or I was lucky enough to not trigger them. My father's god's good luck seemed to work. And so I arrived at the large stairs going into the large main hall.

"Well, what a lass do ye have thar, Haley.", remarked the priestly clad dwarf.
"She holds a lot from her father.", she answered.

But I was looking in the hall everywhere for someone else. I was looking for his dark skinned face. And then, it struck me. He was there, he was looking at me. He was smiling at me. I felt my cheeks blushing like they never did before, and I got down.

I did not go straight to him at first. It would have been way too obvious. Instead, I joined the girls. There was that noblegirl, she was tall and felt very strong. And there was that half-dwarf, the cleric's daughter. We chatted a little about our lifes. The noblegirl had joined a temple and learned the monks' ways. The half-dwarf joined her city's guard. On my said, I wasn't sure but thought of becoming a priest, at which the half-dwarf recommended her father.

But during the chat, I always turned my face towards that boy. Well, now he really looked like a man, and of the manly king. He was now fully grown up, and it showed how hard he had trained to be as he is. He didn't look like my brother at all, which is for the better. He had those large shoulders, the huge arms. He had legs, oh my gods, even though you would have thought he didn't walk much with his wings. Did he have a weak place? How would I be able to get a hold on him. The half-dwarf noticed it.

"Geez, go and get him already.", did she say suddenly.
"What?", did I answer, surprised.
"Good, not Stupid. It's obvious. And it's not only you, if you really want to know."

We stopped chatting, and the girls got on me. Now that I could look at him more intently, I couldn't fail to notice myself. He was always looking at me when he could. But it wasn't the time yet to get together. A great dinner was to be served in a few minutes. But after dinner…


I was sitting next to my brother and the young noblewoman. Luckily, the boy wasn't in front of me, I couldn't have lived through it otherwise. But I was there, always looking at him on the side. He was talking with Hinjo's heir, who had come for is father. They seemed to have a lot of fun together, and my brother was happily joining their conversation from time to time. And then there was the toast to the old times by the parents, and a band invited by my father joined in to give us some good music.

Now was the moment. I made sure I seemed calm, at least as much as I could, and I walked around the table. But he had got up, and had expand his wings widely and had come straight towards me. I looked at my brother for a second, and he had that big smile on him saying, "Blush!". Screw you and your clever expressions! But now he was right in front of me. And… oh my gods, he took my hand directly. I thought I would have died!

"Would you want to share a dance", he asked very politely.
"Uh… Sure… Uh…", did I mumble as an answer.

He than grappled my hand harder and brought me on the dance floor. He then placed his other hand on my waist, and he placed his large chest near my body. And he drove the dance perfectly. He made me feel secure in his arms. It felt warm, very warm. I slowly let go of myself into him, and instead of holding him in a proper and polite way, I was hugging him and holding him by the neck, my whole body against his, wanting to feel his warmth even further. I wasn't blushing any more. I felt like in paradise.

He was courteous, and didn't make any move before I did any. But slowly, he took me fully into his arms, and I was feeling them in my back, holding me hard against him. His head was against mine, not saying a word. I felt some wind by us, I felt a little cold, but he calmy reassured me and held even stronger to pass more of his warmth.

And then, he made is single move, for which I will forever die. He kissed me. Oh. My. Gods. I never felt something like that before. It came through all my body, and I felt it in all my soul. He loved me. It wasn't that much a kiss, but it meant all the kisses he could have done otherwise. Gentle, but passionate.

We danced the whole night. It was fun to have him hold me all that time. We didn't speak much : what was there to be said. But I wanted to tell him that simple "I love you". It never came out. But it was fun, and he even made me fly, litterally. This was the best night that I ever had.

But it eventually came to an end. And I knew what it meant. He would go back to his room, and I would go back to mine, frustrated like all the lowlifes in the Abyss. But then, I looked at my brother. Would he do that? No, he wouldn't. But then I witnessed what made me feel so ashamed.

He was there with our parents. And our father laughed at what my brother said and came straight to me. Mom was smiling so wide I couldn't fail to notice.

"Well, my daughter. Why don't you do like I did myself, 20 years before. Go with him."

I had to expect such thing coming from him, but, as straightforward as that? And then, I looked at my man. He eventually caught my sight and came to see me.

"What is it", he said.
"Well… How did he say it… Hmmm", I thought to myself.
"Is there something wrong, sweetie?"

I melted. He called me "sweetie". Definitely…

"How should I say it.", I felt incredibly dumb. And then I looked in his eyes. They were shining. I could see some lights in them, and they were getting brighter. "Become innocent, like your silly dad", did I think to myself. And I simply said :

"Wanna make out?"

He was stunned, and yet I could feel that he wasn't disgusted at the thought, at all.

"Yeah, sure.", did he answer, as simply as I asked.

"Well, Celia. I am very happy for our man."
"He sure has grown up. And look at him, does it remind you of someone."
"And she's a beautiful blonde."
"Yeah, Haley and Elan's daughter."

Roy suddenly felt wrong.

"Elan's daughter. Blonde. Elan. Blonde. And my son…. Honey, can I ask you something?"
"What is it Roy, you seem sick."
"I need brain bleach."

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