Here I am, in the middle of planes I'd rather have never wish to know to exist. What the hell am I thinking.

But I did it. One plane shift, and now I am hiding of all those fiendish things. Let's hope they won't care about me. Sorry guys and gals for what I did, but I had to go along the evil path to at least be secure here. We'll meet later.

Now, the powerful scry. Let's go for it, it should be easy know. I practiced and trained a lot just for that. Do I have something? Yeah! There she is. Now, the journey.


This place is really Hell. Even if I made sure I had an evil aura around me, I still have to hide the best I can. I took all those expensive skill points in hide just for that.

I've been walking for months already. I know I am near her now, I should try the second scry I had saved. Well here she is. I know where to go now. Let's go, the last few miles.


I can see her. I gotta make sure I look as good as I can. She looks so miserable here. Let's go.

"Hmm, hey, you, hmm…"

Woah! She jumped and turned around. Gotta have good tumble with her.

"Wait, wait! Aren't you Therkla?"

Phew, she seemed to freeze upon hearing that name.

"Yeah, my name's indeed Therkla. How do you know it? Why are you after me."
"Well… It happens that… Well no. Well. Okay. I like you. Well, more than that… I love you. And I saw you die. And I made sure I'd be able to come to you and, well, bring you back with me."
"I know, I don't have that guy's, what's his name? Elan, yeah. I'm not as handsome. But… Oh, sorry."
"It's just that I couldn't reach you, before you died. And well, look at me, I don't think girls would be interested in someone like me."
"So, you're here for… me?"
"Well, not exactly. I took the time to find many things before coming. And all that I need, is to be sure that, well… You'd like to be with me. Forget about your old master, he's dead himself. Forget about what you did, I want to offer you a second chance."
"A second chance. But Elan said he had a girlfriend."

I knew she would still be remembering him. I'm no match to his handsomeness I suppose. I let myself fall on the ground, in front of her.

"This is what I supposed. You still love him too much. I am… I am… Oh, well, I guess I'll just go back."
"How do you know all that?"
"Well, it happens that I'm a big fan of yours. And I thought that I'd be happy to spend a life with you. See? I trode a long way to get to you. I love you."
"You love me?"
"I crossed Universes, I walked on planes that I suppose I should have never known about. Weeks have I spent here, looking for you. I just hoped I could give you the second chance that, well, I think you are worth."
"And now? Do you plan to live here with me? In this damned hell?"
"Oh, I've got better. But promise me that if someone calls for you, Jump at It. Promise. Say, 'I promise.'"
"I promise."


I hope I was able to convince her. I knew I had prepared my planeshift back when she's promise. Here am I now, back to the Material Plane. And all that I have planned shall unfold. I am waiting. Is it already here? I knew it would be quick though. I asked to be given only one word.


I had prepared the spell. "Teleport". And here am I, right in front of the temple. I was anxious, she would be getting out soon. And here she was. She was dressed in a priestess's robe. It was lovely on her, really. I approached her, slowly.

- Hi, Therkla.
- I remember you, you're the plane traveller from, well, that painful place!
- Yeah… I am grateful that you answered to my call.

I kneeled in front of her.

- Please accept to be my friend. I had hoped at least that, in my heart. I'll try to give you a good life, but we have a long way to go.

I raised back to meet her gentle eyes.

- Do you accept?
- I accepted your gift already back then. Now, what is the long way you are speaking about?
- My second gift. Let's go.

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