Belkar/Zz'dtri (Part 1)

Belkar’s eyes opened slowly and he smiled a little when he saw the naked creature in his arms. Big, calculating eyes were staring up at his face, trying to piece together the situation.

“You look like you’re actually trying to make this make sense.”

“…” His partner’s mouth opened slightly to speak, but Belkar slowly dipped his head forward, kissing the crook of the slender creature’s neck. A soft surprised gasp sounded in his ear and the body in his arms shivered. His partner’s scent was sticking to him, grabbing his attention, twisting him around its little non-existent finger. He gently dragged his lips up a slender neck, smirking mentally at the shivers, gasps, and moans that he elicited, and stopped at a little pointed ear, biting the lobe gently before nipping the tip.

“Ah!” A heated body arched against his, slender arms wrapping around him. “Time is short… should be leaving …”

“Why? Not like either of us have someplace to be.” Belkar nipped the pointy tip of the ear again, smirking when it provoked a soft moan. His partner apparently agreed because he felt elegant hands slowly go to his hips, holding him closer, and he felt the slender body move with barely concealed eagerness.

The halfling kissed the pulse point in his partner’s neck, licking it lightly. He was rewarded with a soft cry, and he felt the slender body against his heat up slowly. He took a quick moment to note how odd the situation was. Of all people, he would have never imagined himself in bed with this one. But the person drove him crazy and maybe, just maybe, assuming he had drank enough, he would admit that he liked the slender creature for something a little more than sex. But it wasn’t like that mattered much. This was a one-night stand. It couldn’t be something else.

Either way, Belkar didn’t need to think too much for the next hour.

With a final cry and a few convulsions, both were thoroughly exhausted. Belkar and his partner lay back down, the slender creature putting a head just under the halfling’s chin.

“Should leave, soon.”


Zz’dtri glanced up, fingering Belkar’s hand. “You have people to return to.”

“Don’t you?”


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