Belkar/Zz'dtri (Part 2)

“Oh, right. The Linear Guild abandoned you.”

Zz’dtri gently twisted obsidian fingers in the halfling’s chest hair, brushing soft lips against the skin very lightly. “Only expected.”

“What do you plan to do now?”

“Will not go back to dark elves.”

Belkar lightly stroked the drow’s smooth skin. “Did you have trouble with them?”

“…You can say that.” Zz’dtri glanced up, silver eyes searching the halfling’s face. “Afraid of their violence.”

“And you slept with me?”

That got a smile out of the drow. The smile made Belkar smile a little. Zz’dtri looked nicer with a real smile on instead of some nasty smirk when a certain high elf was about to be completely screwed over by combined dark elven racial abilities and magic (although that expression was a real turn-on too).

“Drow calculate and reason. Killing and rape are systematic, planned, and politically motivated. Have to check drinks to make sure they are not poisoned. Have to watch both your back and your front. Cannot sleep, only trance. Trance gives one full awareness of surroundings. Rape considered sign of weakness, and commonly happens even when one is a child…” Zz’dtri trailed off, eyes glazing over for a very brief moment before snapping out of it. “Taught to trust no one. Not even family or friends can be trusted. Love and sex…” the drow tentatively stroked the halfling’s chest, avoiding looking at Belkar’s eyes, “is very different from surface-dweller’s way. Love secret and twisted in rare occurrence that it exists. Sex is dangerous and often way to dominate another person. Usually rape by any other definition.”

The dark elf was very quiet for a moment. Zz’dtri hesitated, then slowly looked up and kissed Belkar in a sort of loving way he wasn’t quite sure he was comfortable with. Love was weird. Love was completely uncharted territory. The Belkster was perfectly happy with it staying that way.

“If you kill me, I know it is random. Odd, but comfort is taken by that fact. Do not need to check my back or drink or make sure I trance instead of sleep. If you kill me, you will do it when I am aware and you will do it honestly and openly.” Zz’dtri looked down again, perhaps sensing the halfling’s unease with emotional closeness. “And you would accept it if I said ‘no’ to your advances. You are a murderer. Not a rapist.”

The drow tentatively touched Belkar’s cheek. “Go to comrades. They need you.”

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