Blackwing/Lizard Vaarsuvius

"Begone you infernal avian! Shoo!" The purple lizard's legs scuttled as fast as they could, but even then the raven's claws scraped across its back as the bird pulled out of a dive. Vaarsuvius rolled out of the way to avoid the next attack, but at the third attempt Blackwing caught the little lizard in his claws, then flew up high into the air. Vaarsuvius twisted in an attempt to scratch the familiar with it's own claws, and with a caw the raven let go, leaving the lizard to plummet down towards the trees.

"Feather Fall." Vaarsuvius landed lightly on a thin branch and looked around for a moment, trying to get its bearings. Then it scrabbled along the branch towards the tree trunk, paused, and jumped down onto a branch a few feet below, tiny claws digging into the bark. V leapt to the next branch, but misjudged the distance and only caught it with its front claws. Panicking, the lizard scrabbled againt the branch with its back feet for few seconds, then stopped to catch it's breath, hanging precariously above the forest floor.

Vaarsuvius was trying to work out whether a fall from that height would be fatal when there was a rustling of wings from above.

"Oh no."

Blackwing landed on the branch next to the struggling wizard, then with surprising care reached out a claw and took hold of its struggling body, pulling it fully onto the branch. Pinning the lizard to the branch with one foot, he tilted his head, beady eyes observing the reptile.

"Er, thank you? You can let me go now. Let me go now please. Please? Wait, what are you doing?!"

The raven had moved closer and was rubbing the side of his head againt the lizard, eyes closed. He then started gently pecking the plume on the lizard's back, cawing softly.


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