The smaller dragon squirmed against the shackles that bound him, blood seeping from where the cold metal had worn his scales off after so long straining against them. His eyes were wide and blank, and specks of acid dripped from his mouth as his breath rasped. A claw touched his neck and he froze.

"Did you really think you could leave me like that?" a voice purred, resonating deeply around the cavern. The owner of the voice drew the claw gently across the delicate scales on his neck, even the light touch scoring a visible line. Closak whimpered, twisting against the chains to try to escape her touch. She simply laughed and pinned him down with one muscled back foot, the razor claws digging deeply into his flesh, the pain flaring red hot and pooling in his belly like liquid gold. "My late husband would never have tried that, but then again he would never have been left mewling like a hatchling after mere hours."

The claw dug deeper, and blood swelled up through the wound, dark against the black scales. She lowered her head and lapped it up gleefully, her rough tongue drawing a trail of acid down his neck, across his chest and dgccccxdgf11111

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