Mr Rodrigez/Gender-Swiched Mr Rodrigez

Mr Jones had told him to go and look for someone. Unfortunately, Phil couldn't remember who. So here he was, wandering around the empty hallways, trying to think of an excuse, or at least work up the courage to go back and ask.

Mr. Jones would be really mad.

He came to a closed door and paused, wondering why there was a random door in a dungeon. "Ah! So I can prove my door opening skills of course!"

He opened the door.

After having set the trap off, he lay there confused and unable to move, paralized by the poison. Why would anyone put traps on a door? It was just mean. And why the honey?

Suddenly he heard a gasp and a voice said "Oh no! You poor thing!"

A beautiful woman walked into view. She had long, silky black hair, and was wearing a smartly cut suit that showed off her curves. She was also stamping on the fire ants that were surrounding Phil, her beautiful features twisted in disgust.

"Eww, eww, eww! Nasty bugs" When she was sure they were all dead, she hurried over a knelt down next to him. "Let me help you."

"I cant move!"

"Oh. Well at least let me make you more comfortable. Here, I'll start by licking the honey off."

The next few minutes were full of slurping noises and - because Phil was ticklish - giggling.

Then "Oh no, the honey's all over your pants! I'll have to take them off too!"

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