Sarah Greenhilt/Zz'dtri/IFCC

"Come on, it could be worse!"
The drow crossed his arms across his chest and pointedly turned away from the previously female human. Why couldn't they just ask for his soul and be done with it?

"I'm afraid, Mrs-" "Mr." "…Greenhilt, unless Mr.Zz'dtri also participates, the deal is off." "So you'll just have to pursuade him. Take all the time you want." The three cloaked figures stood patiently, unmoved.

Sarah Greenhilt sighed and walked over to the drow, who was unsuccessfully trying to cast a spell.
"Look" He said "your magic obviously isn't working and this is the only was off this damn rock. Stop being a wimp and put the belt on!"
"Just do it!"

The three Fiends watched the exchange with some amusement. True, neither mortal seemed to know anything about the gates, and the circumstances that had led to them being trapped so were suspicious. But, they though as the disgruntled drow finally moved to put on the belt, maybe this trip to the mortal plane wouldn't be a waste after all.

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