Therkla/Belkar/Tsukiko (Part 1)

Of all the stupid ways of dying it had to be this. So much for being a sexy god of war. Belkar's soul groaned and opened his eyes, only to be pulled backwards and a slender green hand clamped over his mouth, muffling further protests.

"Shh!" a soft voice whispered in his ear. Belkar twisted out of his captor's grasp then stopped and smirked as he caught sight of the female half-orc. Well hello. They were crouched behind a cluster of sharp rocks that lined the edges of a large cavern, the walls floor and celing red rock. Belkar's sensative nose was overwhelmed by the smell of burning.

"Where the hell are we?!" He hissed, crouching out of sight next to her.

"Somewhere in the lower planes." The girl muttered. "Now shut up, or someone will notice us!".

"what are you-"

"Come on!" she said, suddenly grabbing the halfing by the back of his shirt and dodging out of the rocks and down a dark corridor. "I was doing fine and then you had pop up right next to me!" She exclamed.

Belkar struggled to get his feet touching the floor "Why are we running?"

"Because I'm getting out of here"

"But there's no-one aro-"

"The secrity cameras don't cover this area for a few seconds every ten minutes" Suddenly she dodged into a small side passage and crouched down in the gloom. Belkar scurried in behind her.

She was wearing a tight-fitting ninja outfit, the hood pulled back to reveal long, thick wavy green hair. Her curved silhouette was outlined against the lighted tunned. Belkar admired the view.

"There's a way out along here, I heard some fiends talking about it. Nobody's spotted me yet for some reason, so I though I had a shot at escaping. lets go!"

She dodged out of the darkness and hurtled along the passageway Belkar close on her heels. And it did seem that the air was getting fresher,the distant screams more distant, and the tunnel was beginning to slope steeply up. Suddenly up ahead the sky could be seen brightly through the mouth of the tunnel, and in a few seconds they were out in sunlight on a rocky plain, surrounded by distant mountains. Belkar glanced back. The same terrain extended far in every direction, and no opening in the ground could be seen. He shrugged and ran on to catch up with the ninja girl.

"Lucky I was so near the exit eh?" Belkar commented

"Lets get away from here, just in case anyone can follow us." She said.

"So… any idea where we are?"

"I think.. I think we're somewhere near Azure city! We can make our way there, we can't head out anywhere else without suppies."

"But aren't we dead?!" Belkar exclamed.

In response she quickly jabbed at his ear. "Ow!" the halfling exclamed, then lunged at her legs, trying to trip her.

"Seem like we're pretty rea- oof!" She stumbled and fell, the halfling still clinging her her legs. "Get off" She growled, kicking him away then rolling into a crouch. "What did you do that fo-"

She was cut off as Belkar grabbed her shoulders and covered her mouth with his. She tensed, then relaxed into his grasp as skilled hands tugged at her clothing.

"I'm- my name's Therkla" she gasped as they broke for breath.

"Whatever." Then he started kissing her again.

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