Therkla/Belkar/Tsukiko (Part 2)

The scantly clad mage stood before them, hands on hips and a smug grin on her face.

They had been sneaking around the store rooms looking for food, when two undead creatures had come across them. They'd taken one down easily, but before they could dispatch the other one, it and raised an alert and run away from them calling for it's mummy.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, you cat throwing bastard" Tsukiko sneered, leaning down and jabbing a finger at the halflings face. Belkar pulled back as much as the undead holding his arms would allow, and tried to keep his eyes on the goth's face.

"Look, if it helps I think you're really hot, and if that offer to joining your team is still-"

"Don't push your luck, shorty." she growled, and hit him across the face. "And does your girlfriend have anything to say" she rounded on Therkla, who was in a similar position to the halfling.

"…I think you're hot too?"

"Gah! Put them in with that damn paladin!" She said, taking to the air and flying off in a huff. Two pairs of eyes followed her departure.

"That really is a short skirt." Therkla said with a grin as they were dragged away.

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