Vaarsuvius/Everyone (Part 4)

The ‘goth’ elf's face seemed to shimmer, as though it was just a façade of something much, much deeper.

"Oh, this is very real. At least it is for you lot.”

"For us? Praytell, what do you mean by that?'" one Vaarsuvius demanded. "And why do you look like me?!"

The Elf's face flickered again. "All good questions, and they will be answered in time. However, what you need to know now is that while you are here you will be unable to fatally harm one another. Well, unless you want them too." The elf's face - the mask of an elf's face - split into a grin of needle sharp teeth.

"I demand you tell us-"

"So, I suggest you cease this pointless warring and get better acquainted. With yourselves as well as each other." Zanaril's avatar* turned to Xykon.

"You're a bit ahead of your game for that body, don't you think?" She made a small gesture, and the skin on Xykon's face melted like liquid wax. It poured down his robes and into the floor, and when he looked up his eyes were nothing but two pinpricks of light in empty sockets.

"You… bitch! I didn't even get to have one last cup of coffee!"

"Suck it up."

She glanced at the elves. "May I suggest you run? He may not be able to kill you, but… Well, goodbye." The avatar disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The male Vaarsuvius put a hand to his forehead. "Did I…. did I just refer to you as my sister."

"That's it! Spell or no spells, I will wring your scrawny little necks!"

"May I propose that now is not the time?"

The other elf nodded, and they both turned and ran down the corridor, away from the newly lichified Xykon.

And ran.

And ran.

They stopped, panting, and looked back to see the corridor stretching continuously away from them.

"What… what is this place?"

"I could ask you the same my dear. My dears."

The elves turned round to see a smiling black haired human. He was wearing knee-length boots. He was wearing a large, feathered hat. He was wearing a long, sweeping coat. He was wearing it all with the poise of someone who knows they're a smarmy jerk, and would you like to get to know a little bit more of me?

"My dear. I was not expecting to see you so soon.” He eyed the other elf “…And I thought it would be impossible to see more of you than I had already seen."

"I have never met you before in my life" One of the elves said, scowling as the human's eyes strayed down their robes.

"Come on now. I can't say I am one for remembering every one of my lovers, but surely you haven't already forgotten our night together? It was merely days ago. Unless it was your twin I bedded?"

"She is not my-" And the elf paused, suddenly uncertain as odd memories flash behind his eyes. Oddly, memories of Haley…

He shook his head vigorously. "She is not my twin. Furthermore, I am male."

The younger Julio Scoundrel's eyes snapped back up to face level. "So it must not have been you. I certainly would have noticed. My dear?" The last comment was directed to the female elf, whose expression was a mask of dread, but whose ears and face had turned bright pink.

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