Vaarsuvius stared in horror. "But you… him…I…"

Aarindarius blushed, moving away from the elf he had until a moment ago been passionately locking lips with. Inkyrius just scowled, glaring at the ex-mate that had just burst into the wizard's tower babbling apologies.

"You're surprised?" Inkyrius said incredulously, as Aarindarius pulled his robe back on.

"How could you?" V said, too distressed to think of anything else to say.

"You're no longer my mate, you agreed to that. You expected me never to find love again?"

"But… with Aarindarius?!"

"We've always been close. And Inkyrius does have a point; you no longer have any say in these matters." The other wizard said with a shrug.

"But…" Vaarsuvius said, turning back to Inkyrius. "I still love you." The elf whispered.

"I'm sorry, but I'm in love with Aarindarius now. Unless…" Inkyrius turned to look at the older wizard, raising an eyebrow. Aarindarius considered for a second, then nodded, smiling.

"What-" Vaarsuvius started, then was silenced by Inkyrius' lips. The wizard hesitated, then uncertainly hugged the baker. And then jumped as someone else began stroking her hair; Aarindarius had stood up and walked over to them. Inkyrius broke away from the kiss.

"Lets go to my bedroom" The older wizard suggested, starting towards the stairs. Inkyrius followed, smiling and leading a confused Vaarsuvius by the hand.

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