Vaarsuvius/Julio Scoundrel

"Well, hello."

Vaarsuvius looked up sharply, her attention straying from the last half inch of beer in her glass and focusing dimly on the human that had just sat down at the bar. "I do not believe I know you."

He chuckled, and gave a mock bow. "Nor I you. What is a lovely… elf like you doing in these parts?" He gestured around the small tavern.

"That is none of your concern." Vaarsuvius relied moodily, draining the last of the beer. "Bartender, I require a refilling of my beverage." The elf dug around in a robe pocket for a handful of coins, but the human go there first.

"Let me buy that for you." He said, and his even and very white teeth bared in a dazzling smile as he placed a few coppers on the bar. Vaarsuvius observed him coldly.

"I am quite capable of paying for my own drinks. Please leave me alone."

“Ah, but a pretty-“ he paused, then took a gamble “…lady like yourself shouldn’t have to be alone.” He winked. “And that’s where I come in.”

Vaarsuvius leant away from the man, a slight pinkish tinge creeping across her face. But her expression was pure ice. “I will repeat this once more, and only once more: leave me alone.”

Julio Scoundrel sat back and watched the elf, seeming unconcerned by the rebuttal. The elf’s blush darkened a bit, and she hurriedly looked down, scowling into her drink. Julio merely smirked and tugged absent mindedly at his mustache.

“You seem upset about something. Penny for your thoughts?”

“I have already expressed my desire to be left alone. I do not wish to talk to you, human!” The elf stood up, meaning to storm out angrily, but the evenings drinking caught up with the elf and she stumbled, reaching out to grab the bar for support. Instead a firm hand caught her arm. She glared at the human, who simply stepped away and sat back down. The elf took a deep breath, trying to clear the alcohol-fuelled haze.

“Please stay. I simply wish for someone to talk to, and you appeared to be the most intelligible companion available.”

Warily, the elf sat back down, still frowning at the human. “That did not appear your intent when you first addressed me.”

He gave a light laugh, a pleasant sound which made the elf’s ears twitch. He was rather good-looking, she had to admit. He was handsome with a youthful face, but there were the tell-tale signs of age creeping up too; the elf’s sharp eyes picked out a few lighter strands of hair against the black, noted the faint lines at the corners of his eyes. The facial hair was rather off-putting, but then that was just one more aspect of humans the elf had never understood.

“Like what you see?”

The elf jumped “No, I… if you are going to be like that I will leave.”

“Apologies madam. It is simply a bad habit of mine to be so forward when talking to females.”

“That is evident.” The elf muttered, reluctantly picking up the glass of beer and taking a sip.

“So tell me, why is an elf such as yourself drinking in a back-street bar of a airship port?”

“I believe you already asked me that.”

“And I believe you didn’t answer.” He said, leaning forward on his elbows.

The elf sighed. “I am here following rumors of a potential source of arcane knowledge. It is nothing that would interest your type.”

“My ‘type’?”

“Those who bluff their way through life on a high Charisma, rather than utilizing logic and knowledge to make decisions.” The elf snapped.

“Hmm, that’s a pretty big accusation to make about someone you don’t know.” He tugged his mustache thoughtfully. “You think I’m, charismatic?”

“You are well aware of the fact, and undoubtedly use it to your benefit.”

He laughed. “Well, maybe I do. Although it doesn’t seem to be working for me recently.”

“I know what you want, and you would be better served looking elsewhere. Go and talk to someone else. Maybe someone with a higher Charisma score.”

Leaning further towards the elf, he rested a hand on his chin. “Why?”

The elf leant forward too, eyes burning. “Because you are obviously not really attracted to me! You are simply amusing yourself at my expense!”

The airship captain looked genuinely surprised. “I am not. You have already shown yourself to be intelligent and independent, both of which are traits I value highly. And besides, you belittle yourself; I do think you are pretty.”

“I doubt it.”

Without hesitation, the airship captain moved forward and kissed Vaarsuvius squarely on the lips. The elf’s eyes widened, but there was a moment’s pause before she pushed him away, breathing heavily.

“Why did you do that?” The elf hissed, but the tone was more curious than angry.

“You want me.”

Vaarsuvius looked away irritably, the blush now reaching the tips of her ears. “Maybe. What of it?”

Julio raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so opposed to the idea? We’re both adults capable of making our own decisions.”

“And if I decided I did want to?”

He slipped an arm around her waist and kissed her again, and this time she didn’t push him away but cautiously leant into the kiss.

“I have a room rented at-“ He started, but she cut him off.

“I do too. I would prefer to go there.”

He inclined his head, mouth twitching into a smile. “On your terms then.”

They kissed again, more deeply and more desperately, and then while they still had control of their actions they walked out of the bar hand in hand.

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