Bandit King/Redcloak

"The prisoner has been taken to the torture chamber, just as you commanded, Supreme Leader." Redcloak could almost taste the obeisance in the hobgoblins voice. "Very good. You are dismissed, soldier."

When the goblin entered the dungeon, the Bandit King waited for him, chained down on the rack. He examined Redcloak with a look that was a mixture of of fear, fury and desire.
"Why have you come back?", asked the cleric. "To get vengeance for Samantha." "And…?" "To see you again." "I thought so."
The Bandit King paused for a short time, before speaking again: "I love you, Redcloak. But at the same time, I really want to kill you. You have taken my daughter from me. Not even a week after the two of us had been raised."
"You are a fool if you think that you had any chance to kill me. And you have lost the last bit of your mind, if you think that I would ever love you back. I hate humans. I only did, what I did back then because I thought it would embarrass you."
"You probably did. But I know that in that moment of magic you felt like I did. You're just hiding behind your duty now, so you don't have to face your true feelings."
"I have already sacrificed everything I loved for the future of my people. Don't expect that I will spare you, should I find you to be a nuisance in the future. But for now… let's see if we can replicate that "moment of magic", shouldn't we?"

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